SBC Investment: Niklas Süle

Player: Niklas Süle

Reasoning: There is perhaps no other player who has bounced up and down more often this year than Niklas Süle. Due to his good league, nation, club, rating, and position, he is frequently included in some of the cheapest SBC solutions.

Over the next week and a half, there are multiple SBCs in which he could be in the cheapest solutions, including:

  1. Premier League POTM this Friday
  2. UEFA Champions League MM (Bayern and Liverpool play next Friday)
  3. Bundesliga POTM next Friday (many German frontrunners)

Süle has dipped heavily due to the recent 2-for-1 pack promotions, and I am confident his price will bounce back for one of these soon.

Target BUY: 4500 coins or less

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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I play lewandowski 91 IF in my team. He should dip in price if he gets his sif on Wednesday, would you recommend selling and buying back? I did that with lala once and saved like 30k or more. I’d expect lewandowski to drop under 100k temporarily.
Your thoughts? Thanks in advance


Why is Kante If still falling in price?


Do you think Baumann 83 GK for Hoffenheim is a good investment? He is currently priced at 900 coins.


I’m playing on pc. How much more should I buffer for pc prices?

For example, you recommend 4.5k coins or less for Sule. Additional 300-400 coins ok for pc?


Hi, what do you think of Yann Sommer 84 for 2300-2400? Isn’t it a steal? Bought few of them and already thinking of stacking my transfer list with him.


For POTM Bundesliga isn’t Sommer just as good and cheaper? Leno is around 2800-2900, not 2300. People just sell 84 OVR for price of 82 OVR. Why Leno? 🙂


Istn Laporte for 4.100 a better invest because of BPL and ManCity?


Have quite a few sule, his price got up 5.5k! SHould already start to sell? or wait?


His price dropped to 3k . What should I do?

Pablo Arroyo

Hi Chief! As you said on twitter the current event (Carniball) is historically unprecedented
Should I hold Sule? Actually I do not need the coins so I do not have the problem to hold 1 or 2 weeks

Thanks in advance!