Q & A Tuesday – Week 25

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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I have 75k to spend. Who should I buy and Flip today to make 150k?

Dave B.

87 Alisson under 20k. Good investment for this weekend?


Plz dont stop predicting the totw . Its on us whether we sell them with profit or loss.


I mean to say dont stop recomending totw players. We are making huge profit on these cards.

Joel Embiid

When we guess the CL games for a free gold subscription, do we predict aggregate over both legs or just the score over the 2nd leg?

Joel Embiid

Where do we make our predictions? Can I do it here?


Hi Chief,
Aguero UCL live is 1.8m. When do you think he will reach his highest price knowing that he will likely get an upgrade after Schalke home match.
Also, if you were to estimate, any guess/idea on how much he would be after the upgrade? I’m tempted to keep him.


Okay thanks
And for other investments do you see high gold (86+) as better buys or high gold IF (IF 86+)?
Thanks again!


which app is that ” a nice addition” from you twitter


What are your thoughts about dele alli (4100 ps4), he had a massive rise last bpl potm (>50%)?


Hi FutChief! I’m seriously considering subscribing to your Gold service.

I’ve already invested in 16 Leno, 4 Sule and 1 Laporte (all for under the max price you set). Usually, by how much do player prices rise when they are required for SBCs? Do they double, triple, quadruple in price? (sorry FIFA noob here that got it in January).

Also, do you think I should keep investing in the above players or are there others you recommend?

Thanks for the great work! 🙂


your less than price is for specific platform?


Hi Chief,
I still have Moussa Dembele OTW and missed to sell it when it had a rise. I noticed its risen 5k in the last 2-3 days, do you know why it might be rising and how long to wait before I sell?


He scored 2 times last weekend and some were taking the bet that he would get an if. When TOTW came out he dropped again.

Joel Embiid

How much do you think Laporte could go up to if Aguero gets potm? Plz don’t give a generic answer, is 6k realistic?


Hey Chief! When would you sell UCL live Benzema and nacho Fernandez? Before or at the match or after?


Do you think real Madrid live cards will go up again? Would it be a smart move to buy nacho Fernandez for around 50k now or is this too risky?


Bought some gold 83s for 750 and few IF 81/82 for around 12k. Would you sell or wait for a sbc to drop? Thanks

Tan Blatchman

Do you engage in actual stocks beyond FUT? I’d like to start investing in real money, but just a question of I may.


Would you ever create a website for actual stocks?

Zohaib Niazi

I have lost 300k on Nacho Fernandez now what do I do


Suck it up. That’s the way it works , boom or bust.


Is POTM for february is VVD or Agurero…i saw some news in twitter VVD got POTM


Now way that it’s not gonna be Aguero 😀


Just saw Virgil Van Dijk is February’s PFA Premier League Player of the Month… EA POTM is awarded for same players as PFA..

Zohaib Niazi

Would Mbappe 90 price go down more


Hey chief, I bought a load of Vermeer and grifo if when the pack offers were on. I can sell them all now for about 3k each profit. Do you think it’s worth waiting a few days till they’re out of packs/potm or take the profit now?


92 Lewandoski potgs has dropped drastically to below 200k presumably due to his 93 totw being announced, do you expect this to rebound back up after a few days?


Do you think hell get near to 200 again, i got him at 250 but want to take a reasonable hit and move on and start investing


Will the91 koulibaly rise back up to 300k? I dunno if i should sell now and take the 100k loss or hold him