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That Kostic defending though!

Will be a solid investment I suppose? Unplayable card but 81 rated, BL card.


Hey my Chief,
What are your thoughts on Sigurdsson Gold 82, for under 900k?

Norocel Salbaticul

well. he is not such a good nation for link.


I mean his Gold bro, I just checked his graph, on 3rd Oct, 2018 , when his 1st IF came onboard….his price jumbed from 1.7 k to 2.7 in following days


Tanx dude


Would UCL games go towards next weeks TOTW? Looking at investing in tadic.


Could get a motm on Friday though.


i have 92 Lewandoski which i paid 180k for, when is the best time to sell him?


why ziyech didn’t get?

Charles Barkley

Why have sule and Leno both gone down a bunch?

Mark Sanchez

I’m starting to get worried. Is sule a good investment at 4500 because I’m getting absolutely 0 competition, I’m the only one really bidding and I can easily buy cards at that price. Which is very odd since these investments are usually jumped on by many


The Bundesliga POTM SBC is coming out next Friday. I imagine he’ll increase next week more than this week.


Be patient


chief,i am holding 91 Schols ICON, should or keep holding it now will it raise?

Maxim Ellesse

Is Van Persie at 14k a good Option as an 82 IF ?


Hi There,

Does anyone has an idea about the next marquee matchups?
Always try to invest in the players from this clubs..
Wich teams do you predict this weekend?


Well you can.. i bought 50 Marseille players for 500 coins and just sold them for 2k

Samir El Eskandarany

Hey Chief,

I packed Aranguiz IF today, now he is for 23k … should I wait till tomorrow or should I sell now?

Thank you 🙂


should i keep Tagliafico ucl live card on the ps4


Is there a reason why sule went down?


What do you think about selling my de bruyne and hazard today before the promo drops tomorrow?
Would you expect prices to drop? I mean, a market crash would be expected anyways for fut birthday, probably on March 15th right?


You have to really *look*. The color smear looks like baby food and/or poop.
Baby Stars Promo, featuring highly-touted babies?


Carniball confirmed. What’s your experience with this event regarding the market? Sell expensive golds now or keep? I didn’t play fut last year, got no experience with this event and wether this will cause a market crash or not 🤔


No special cards obviously


Ea took all my coins (5.2 mil) for no reason other than flipping and investing, starting over again☹️, what time would you recommend selling Leno after potm comes out, maybe an hour after? Also when do you predict they’ll release potm tomorrow, 3pm or 6pm maybe? Thanks for the tips chief


looks like carniball may be next….any looks?


I won lots of coins from leno because of you so thank you 🙏🏻 and Am currently investing in sule, could you give me another name to invest or trade from totw or gold cards for the serigo Aguero challenge? Thank you will appreciate it.

matthew barden

hey chief, have 15 sule’s and 15 leno’s sitting in transfer list, when should i sell as prices arent changing and getting worried
also an aubameyang im willing to sel but dont know the right time. thanks x

matthew barden

cheers just sold and made 247k profit


Again, Futchiefs Tips are burning 😀 😀
Leno, Laporte, Özil all dropping afte POTM Realease


“FUT Chief
43 Min.
some people have been contacting me about POTM investments (leno, laporte, etc)

think about this

aguero is 1.3 million coins to complete

those investments are 3-4k

do you think there are more people that will complete the SBC, or more investors?”

–> Thats the best part, after identiying his shitty tips, Futchief gives super clever explanations!


FUT Newbie

I’ve brought some Aguero cards at 125k earlier this afternoon but now they are dropping to about 115k

Should I hang on till later and hope they rise again or take a hit and sell for 115k?


I’m still new at this, but I think hours before an SBC/event is when popular investment cards will be near their highest.
You should have been selling Aguero in the hype, not buying him.
Also – Aguero POTM was one of the easiest things to anticipate, so everyone over-invested.

FUT Newbie

Sell now or keep and wait till he increases?


If I’m taking a guess, I’d say sell – because pack openings during promo will cause more Aguero to be on the market. I don’t see his card rising much within the next week, unless tons of people are only temporarily holding off on POTM just to see what Carniball SBCs are released.

FUT Newbie

I’ll be taking a 300k loss 🙂 might wait a few hours! Lesson learnt!


Yeah, I’ve done that plenty of times…thought I was buying before a rise, then realized I was buying at the peak. Unless you really need the coins and transfer space, now that you said your loss is 300k, I’d wait it out for a bit. Aguero can’t drop much further to be honest!

FUT Newbie

Thanks for the advice I’ll wait till tomorrow and then get rid