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Gabriel Vianna

Do you think it’s a good time to sell Leno and Sule? Thanks chief


i sold all my lenos already, it was a good investment


Will the market rise again after today

Jamie Anderson

Is it worthwhile holding onto Carniball Alderwield packed him and hes sitting around 204k on ps4 just now do you think his price will rise?


Should I sell my mertens carniball now or is max price wil raise?
Thanks in advance


Hey Chief! I have Immobile carniball and De Ligt FFS. Should i sell now or wait?

Dan T

I packed a Lloris Carniball and got myself a very lucky mid Rui Costa last night. I have a decent prem squad and a mid range Serie A. Lloris has fit in well in front of Cech Retiring card. Should I sell them both and make money now, or do you think they’ll go up anytime soon. I’m at 480k at the mo.


Hi, I want to buy Immobile Carniball card, to my serie A Team. what´s the best time to purchase this player?

thank you