TOTW 25 Investments: Zuber and Kostic

Players: Zuber and Kostic

Reasoning: Since they are commonly used for SBCs, high rated informs that are cheap always have value.

Zuber and Kostic are two of the cheapest 81 rated informs, currently sitting at prices close to discard value.

There will be ample opportunities to buy them at good prices during the FUT Carniball promotions.

As EA have said, there will be a lot of SBCs during Carniball. I expect at least a few to require informs, diminishing their supply and leading to an increase in price.

In addition, they both play in the Bundesliga, so there is a chance they are required for the BuLi POTM next week (further diminishing supply).

Target BUY: Less than 12k

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Nice catch, as always Chief.
Well done.

Samir El Eskandarany

Hey Chief

Why the massive drop? Mandi IF didn’t rise after the drop after you suggested him and all other premier league players dropped after Aguero’s potm sbc

Maurício Mozdzen

Hi Chief!
I a little worried about the market. I bought some K. Navas for 25k few weeks ago. Now his price is 19,5k. What do you recommend me? Sell all now or waiting few days to sell. (sorry for my bad enslish)


Hey chief, will Mandi still continue to rise or should we sell now?

Luka Doncic

should i just hold all my sule’s for next weeks bu li potm?

Luka Doncic

also what is ur opinion on mass buying hradecky 84 for 1.8k for bu li potm?

Del piero

Ozil and sokratis, sell or hold?


Is Vidal a good investment for 7k?


Turns out it was lol +2k each


It’s funny how guys like kepa, laporte and lacazette are basically in every single one of the potms cheapest solutions yet they still dropped. This just proves to me that too many people had the same idea and the community is getting more and more into trading.
The fact that people tend to quit playing fifa as the year goes on could also play a role at this point in time already I guess.


Exactly… Invested like 1 million or more and prices are dropping… 88 87 86 85 84 all dropping cant understand… Im @ pc btw


Bpl players only


Y i thought so too… And seems like only 18 games played(futbin info} with aguero potm on pc…

Brieuc Colard

What about IF Van Persie, 82-rated for less than 12k…

Is it a good investment ?


hey chief just signed up! When will I get my password for content? Thanks!

Luka Doncic

if i bought a bunch of sule’s for 4.5k do you think i could make profit by holding them until its time for bu li potm because the carniball promo should be ending.


Hey chief, when do hero cards usually come out? Is there a specific day? Lewandowski is now the best foreign goalscorer in bundesliga history, could maybe get a special card for that

Pedro Guedes

I bought if aguero by 370 k.
Should I wait to see if his price rise or do I sell him?
Sorry my bad English


Hi Chief, I got the gold sub today but no email from you? what to do? I want to get the extension and learn how to use it

Seungchan yee

Hey cheif did you sell sule already??


Hi Chief,
What do u think about Ji dong won(Bundesliga ST) IF investment on discard price? will he go up as POTM nearing??