SBC Investment: Sven Ulreich

Player: Sven Ulreich

Reasoning: Some of my favorite investments are those that cover a lot of bases; there are a number of SBCs could hit that would make Ulreich rise coming up, including:

  1. A UEFA MM SBC on Tuesday for Liverpool v. Bayern that requires Bayern players
  2. The Bundesliga POTM on Friday which would require Germans
  3. A Carniball SBC on Friday that causes German golds to rise (we already saw this in the case of the Brazil and Belgian Carniball SBCs)

Target BUY: Less than 1,000 coins

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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i know you told us this will cover the bundesliga POTM but will you release another player aside from this or just ulreich


I bought jovic , leno, sule, mandy if, etc. and they didn’t rise. this time I won’t follow you. i will wait for the end of this event.


Buying during the 2 for 1 promo got me plenty of Mandis for under 15k, and it’s not 18.5 – so cheers on that, Chief! Can’t complain about a modest few thousand profit per.


yes, sure, but they got stuck in my “hash”, i couldn’t sell them. anyways, no problem. don’t you think is still a bit risky to invest during this events? because prices may drop hours/days later, due to new SBC’s. cheers.


You’ve probably held too long. I did it with some of my Leno’s. Most of Sule and Mandy I did have – sold in hype bofore POTM realease and earned quite a lot on them. Leno alone almost 1k- one card and Mandy 2/2.5k at least.

Mohammad Abniki

Hey man i bought milik for 2k and sold them at 2.6k. Made 42k profit at once in the hype. For Leno i bought him for 2.5k and 30 minutes aftet potm released its price goes up to 3.3k
Note: sell when you happy with tour profit. You can hold a player for bigger profit and its a risk.


You could buy if mandi for 15k now he is 18.25k and still rising


i bought 15 cards of leno and i made a decent amount of profit from that, i sold it at the right time, i dont know about the others like sule or mandi , but leno was a good investment for me , if you want to play safe then invest for the players that are guarantee to be needed in the sbc like this ulreich, for players of the month to be clear GG!!


I made a profit off of all these players. Not every suggestion is going to get you back 200% profit.


Leno sold for 3,8k IF u sold at the right time.


hey chief…
how about Caldara for today Italy Carniball? for around 900 coins?


It was a good gamble… took like 30 of them for under 900, now is at 1800


Jovic could be a good investment thentoochief


Well he is a Bundesligaplayer too?


👍 Did and I still sit on some Jovics from that last investment. Hope to sell them somehow.


I’m still holding Leno and Morata. Could’ve sold Leno in the hype but didn’t, so I’m holding for a potential MM SBC for Athletico, and 84-83 Carniball SBCs for Germany and Spain. Sound like a decent idea?


i holding now leno sule gundogan draxler and goretzka… now the price will rise becuse anyone sold there players for packs… thanks chief this profit will be because of your help


What do you think of Renato Sanches for 450 in terms of MM SBC?


Vargas IF is 12k right now – good investment or not?


Hey Chief,
Beside your catch, pls share your thoughts about Vardy 82, under 1K and reinvest on Leno 84, under 2.5K, , both for TOTW26?


tanx for reply

Brieuc Colard

Yo Chief,

Good idea to invest around 40K on really cheap 84’s ( Sommer for 1,2K) ? How much do you think that they are going to rise ?
Thanks for all,
From Belgium



What do you think of Ji Dong Wong for the Bundesliga POTM? He is the cheapest golf Bundesliga IF by about 4k. Will his price rise at all for the POTM?


So you do think his price will rise from 10k? Im not asking how much, jus that it will rise?


Do you think sule will go over 6k? Im debating whether to sell or not without being too greedy


Hey chief,

How much chances do you give IF Mandi to rise to 20k? Bought few for 14k and they’re going now for 18k but I feel like he could reach 20k.


Out of topic but i really need someone to answer this question. I have like 300 gold players that i do not use at all in mu club but do not know what to do with them. Quick sell? SBC? Sell? Hold?


Should i wait until promo ends?




I know this isn’t relevant to the post, will man of the match rashfords be at its highest? Based off previous events


Chief, I packed carniball Jesus who goes for around 500k at the moment. Should I sell now or will his value rise at the end of the promo when out of packs?


Hey, Chief!

Do you think that Seamus Coleman is a good investment for the St. Patricks day event?

Bekéne Tóni


I wont be online at 7pm on Friday when they realese the potm. Soonest I’ll be available around 9m, does it wort to invest in Ulreich regarding this fact? thanks in advance


84 Kepa. Spain. Premier League. Cheapest 84 gold. At 2k coins it’s a no brainer……. zero risk investment.


Yann Sommer bit cheaper. Probably needed for POTM?


Kepa for the Carniball Spain SBC releasing on Thursday I believe. POTM investment would be Sule, but you might have missed that hype train already.

Dave B.

This market is crazy. Tried all morning to get Sven’s under 1000k. Nationaelf SBC comes out and he’s up to 12-13k. Now’s he’s easy to get for under 1000k. Hoping Friday there’s isnt’t panic selling from all the investors.


I bought more than 50 Ulreichs and his price did not rise. I had to quick sell all of them


I bought 25 ,84 rated sommers at 1.5k hel’l surely rise at least to 3k during bundesliga potm right? Or at least enough for me to not lose coins, should I go further in or hold out