Q & A Tuesday – Week 26

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Colin McDaid

Should I sell carniball Ribery, or will he go up after the carniball players get taken out of packs?, probably a stupid question but I am new to FUT trading


sorry for the ignorance, whats ROI?

Seungchan yee

How much do you usually make coins from low rated gold cards, like uleich, each cards?


How do you feel about Ben Yadder being a top commodity after his 3 goal game this weekend? Do you see him as ur typical totw investment of buy anything around 1200k and sell at the highest you can? I could also ask the same for Vardy and Perez?

Ethan Bozilovic

What to invest in 400k? Should I take the loss on headliner Pepe?


Would Ayoze Perez at 600 coins be worth investing as he looks like he will get TOTW


Hi chief.
Not really used to icon trading. Do you think it’s possible to made quick good trades during the day ? Like basically during classic work hours, is it possible to find a good icon to buy and sell in less than 2/3 hours with a bit of profit ?

How hard it is and wich type of icons to target ?
And last but no least, it is still possible during this troublesome period with event everyday ?

Thanks mate


You’ve changed dude lol


Does anyone know what will happen to Live UCL Players when they drop down to Europa League? Like Kimpembe etc?


Nobody drops down to Europa League anymore, thats only after group stage. So Kimpembe etc wont get upgrades anymore.


Thanks Neal.

Jeff Binding

Adrian a good investment for the Spanish carniball sbc . PL non rare 450 coins. Will he rise?


Chief isnt it weird that Morata hasnt risen at all just by being out of packs ? Still hoping for the MM. Any toughts ? Like taking the gamble or sell without loss or profit right now ?


Are you Neal from Neal Guides?


Nope im not


hey chief…
with success on yesterday’s Caldara, what is your opinion on Marcus Rojo for Argentinian Carniball???
CB, can be paired with Romero as GK….
could gamble on him for about 1200 coins….


Is Seamus Coleman a good investment for St. Patricks Day?


Is the market going to pick back up soon?


Will it likely drop again even further if / when fut birthday drops?

Maxim Ellesse

What do you think about Gaitan at 900 for the carniball sbc argentina?

Maxim Ellesse

thanks for the reply


Hey My chief,
kindly share your thoughts on following for B. POTM:
Axel Witsel 85, under 7k,
Oliver Baumann 83, under 900,
Jonathan Tah, under 1.5k.

Appreciate your efforts bro.


tanx for reply


Is Rafinha Scream Card a good investment? I’m aware cards change on the 15th, but Bundesliga POTM comes out on the same day.


Hey Chief, what do you reckon on investing in Sterling for TOTW? i was thinking it could be profitable because the Aguero POTM is still ongoing? or is it too risky?


when is the best moment to sell my squad before fut birthday?


Hey chief i dont have twitter so will leave my predictions on here!

Man city 2 schalke 0
Juventus 2 athletico madrid 1

Please consider my initiative to participate if im correct!


Im the same chief.

So i will do it here:

Man City 3 Schalke 1
Juventus 3 Athletico 0

Mauro silva

What is your motivation in fifa 19? I see that being in the top 50, your profit is too high can put the team you want, what motivates you? I would like a serious answer.

Colin McDaid

should I sell kostic for 17/18k now (bought for 11k) or should i hold a little longer?

Alim jam

How much profit am I looking to make if I bought Kostic and Zuber totw for 12k and sell them when Bundesliga potm comes out?


Would be good if you did!