TOTW 27 Gold Investment: Hinteregger

Player: Martin Hinteregger

Reasoning: With a clean sheet and the only goal in a 1-0 victory against Nürnberg, Hinteregger will likely be in TOTW 27 come Wednesday.

While I have said before that I’m not interested in TOTW gold card investing anymore, a recent example of Elvedi shows that there are still coins to be made with this method.

Like Hinteregger, Elvedi has a 77 rating, is a CB, plays in Bundesliga, and is a non-rare card. His price has more than doubled since his performance that earned him a spot in TOTW 26 last week.

I expect similar things for Hinteregger this week.

Target BUY: 1,000 coins or less

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Wednesday, March 27th



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is there any chance for him to be like jovic ? that was little dissappointing.

Harshdeep Vohra

He is already at 1400 min buy now price and is rising.Should the target buy be increased?


Wow, nice one Chief
What about:
M.KRUSE for under 850
BELOTTI for under 1 k?
For same reasons.


We should invest to him beacause he is already 1400???


But did Elvedi rise because it was the same week as the Bundesliga POTM release?


I just bought CR7 for 1.3 mil. Should I have waited until FUT Bday or do the Mega Golds not generally go down much?


Hey chief when I check the transfer profit achievement in Fifa you are nowhere in the Top 100. How is that possible?

Irving Crosby

Militão is also on totw prediction and is cheap. Do you think it might be a good investment? Hinteregger is about to reach 5k right know, but it’s because of bundesliga potm + totw predction + fut bday hype.


Hey chief, I’ve just sold all my rttf cards as I think they’re gonna start to really drop in price now, regardless of future updates. Just looking for your opinion on this, do you think I did the right thing? You think they’ve reached their peak now?


Cheers chief, was worried I’d done the wrong thing


Is it still profitable to pick him up for 1100/1200 coins aince he is already at 1400 min. But i can easily snipe him for 1200/1100 coins

Ethan Townsend

How much of him should we buy???

Ethan Townsend

But he is 1.5k now


Hi boss! Should we sell our teams regarding upcoming events (st Patrick and birthday if I get that right)? Thanks

Jose Palazuelos

Hey chief should I start selling my team now for tots or wait a bit?? My team is worth around 2m.

Harshdeep Vohra

I just packed Europa MOTM Giroud.Do you think he will rise or should I sell?And where do you recommend that I invest?


what about cricito from genoa?i have feeling,that gonna be big raise


Are you expecting 83/84s to be a requirement for fut birthday or a later time?


When will u give advice on your investment guide to totw 27 .plz release it once released

Marek Stolc

Hey chief you think the mandi if will rise over 21k?


Look at Leno chief, being out of packs and POTM Bundesliga made him rise to 7k on pc, well done!


Who should I invest in with 150k?

Mikey Duplont

WhEn sHoUlD I sElL tHiS fOr PrOfIt?


he dint get the inform