Q & A Tuesday – Week 27

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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John Flame

Hi Chief,

Is Halloween Deeney’s max price ever going to increase? With the most recent update, he has been extinct the entire time. Can you use your FIFA Magic Wizard Powers to poke them in the right direction?

Thanks for the advice. Up to 5 mil now with awesome teams!


Chief, I am sory if i missed sth, but the best way to prepare for fut birthday is cheap 83 / 84? Do the promos historically require IF? Should we go for cheap low rated IF? How does that is compatible with a possible crahs? Sorry for the questions but its my first year trading!


Hi Chief,

Are high rated SBC fodder (85-87) likely to drop because of lightning rounds even if big SBC’s (Top tier Prime Icon Moments, Flashbacks, etc…) are released for FUT Birthday ?


Hey Chief.
Do you expect cards that are already long out of packs (eg. FFS or scream) to follow the expected price drop with fut birthday? I know the supply for them will not follow the birthday-tendency, but maybe the demand for them will fall as alternatives become cheaper? Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ˜Š


Thanks, really appreciate it!


Is there Inform card for investment now?

Alim jam

How sure sure are you on a scale of 1-10 that hinteregger โ€˜s price will increase?

Norocel Salbaticul

Come on man, he is not a psychic.

John Flame

Hinteregger’s price has already increased. If you bought at 1k, he is about 1.5k last I saw on Xbox, peaked yesterday around 2k during the day.


Why has Ricardo lopes TOTW card jumped from 13k to 26k within 10minutes?


Hi thanks for everything you’re great. Do you think it’s a better idea to sell if investments e.g. jovic zuber vanaken before crash on friday or hold for potential sbcs or for after?

Atakan Ak

Easy question but do you think I should sell my team before friday? (All gold cards)

ZP Evo

Congrats chief, your showing as number 1 on the weekly transfer profit leaderboard for xbox


Understatement of the year! He’s on 52 mil and 2nd is 9 mil. Why have you taken down your twitter from your website or am I just blind?


Why don’t you play the game at all? Don’t you get a bit bored. With your tp you could buy the most expensive possible 100 chem team and the 2nd most expensive one at the same time and still have a couple mil to spare.


should we have wait to do the Mata SBC until the market crash when fut bday comes??


I believe the cheapest 86-87 IF cards have good potential for big Icon SBC to come. What do you think? Even though supply is likely to come with 83-84 SBC. Good potentially shot or I should sell them by Friday?


Thatโ€™s true, but they must come. However, if they bring out Prime Moments SBC Gullit or Ronaldo, I wonder if much people will (be able to) do it to.
Well, I will half my investments then :)


Should i sell top tier goldcards before fut birthday? (CR7)

Joel Embiid

Why did u switch the comment section format? I liked where I could filter from newest to oldest.

jeremy p

me too, i miss the newest to oldest filters. makes everything easier

Jeremy P

So i bought Regular 86 Sane (23K) , 86 IF Jovic (36K), and 87 IF Werner (177k) to improve my team. I see that their prices jump around a lot (especially Sane and Jovic). Should I sell and wait for the crash and buy again? Or should I just keep them. Or should I sell and invest elsewhere (if so, where should i invest bc Jovic & Werner are my only strikers). I use a bundesliga/german team btw.

Dan Johnston

Do you use Playstation or Xbox?

I want to subscribe but I’m on Playstation.


Do you think I should sell my active team and then buy the players back when FUT Birthday drops?


Are all fluctuations in the market caused by supply vs demand? Can any one change in a players price always be boiled down to supply vs demand? I understand its more of an economic question, I’m just trying to get a better understanding of the behaviour of the market


Hey Chief,
So just basic supply and demand theory. We expect all cards that are in packs do drop in price (since supply will explode but demand will stay the same or only slightly go up cause players have more money). Is that right?

And on the other hand all non packable Cards like the informs, UCL Cards, Headliners etc. should stay at their price level or even go up slightly cause people have more money (=more demand in those price ranges) would you confirm this too?


That will only be the case if people sell their special cards in order to buy better special players?
Or how would you explain this effect?


Hi chief. Any clue why the cheapest 83 rated IF are more expensive than the cheapest 84 rated IF?


Because they are more rare (83 if are more rare so more inflated in price) So more have been submitted into sbc’s could be the answer which makes them rare and possible more in demand that 84 IF’s which are not as needed. Also they are not really meta or used in gameplay either only sbc fodder.