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Norocel Salbaticul

nasty TOW


Any one who I should invest in?

ADRIAN Serrano

But why would EA release a totw SBC for such a crappy totw?


I bought firmino totw for 94k when is a good time to sell him


Hello Chief,

Tomorrow is FUT birthday, must I sell my squad? Are there changes prices are going to crash when a lott off new better players or introduced tomorrow?

Thanks as always


Friday is fut birthday.Prices are aready crashing.Sell now m8




Do you think 84 albion from napoli will be increased???

Jordan Davies

When will be the best time to buy squad back after fit birthday


Hey Chief, I just lost 900,000 coins by previously buying 3 Aguero at 1.7m (which seemed low since he had peaked at 1.9m days earlier, before upgrade.) Now I will get 1.4/ea after tax.

Could you recommend some best looks on how to die so I don’t have to keep staring at this loss? Perhaps jump into the bath with my PS4?

Thanks as always Chief! Looking forward to FBday investment regardless. ๐Ÿ™‚


I just have one question. Let’s say I still have 2m right now for any investing that looks good, and I wouldn’t be using the 4m from Agueros anyway (I usually don’t go over 1m or extend my transfer list.)

Should I hold and bet on a slight rebound after FBday but before TOTY, or would you still cash out now?

Thanks Chief


What do you think anout OTW investments at min price? As the IF are very expensive and because a lot of SBC is coming, we might use OTW for same as per Fut Christmas?


Great shout on 84s going down sold all my Schmeichels earlier and now heโ€™s down almost a thousand coins, do you recommend picking them back up? Panic sellers


Hi Chief! Any thoughts on Hamdallah? Decent investment or should I look elsewhere?

Cameron H

What do you think of Alberto from lazio investing if bought at 20k??