FUT Birthday Investment: Douglas Costa

Player: Douglas Costa

Reasoning: As Costa is a part of the FUT Birthday squad, he will be out of packs for the duration of the event (until Monday, April 1st).

While the cut in supply should cause for an increase in price, the biggest reason he should rise is due to the amount of SBCs there will be during the 10 days; there will be a total of 21 SBCs that will often require high rated players throughout the event.

Costa is currently one of the cheapest 86 rated players.

I expect high rated players to rise for this, and particularly those that are out of packs – just like Costa.

Target BUY: Less than 20k.

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Monday, April 1st.



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Sorry wrote this on the wrong thread, Great shout on 84s going down sold all my Schmeichels earlier and now he’s down almost a thousand coins, do you recommend picking them back up? Panic sellers


Do u think djene inform is a good investment his price dropped a lot.


Son 85 and Alaba for 85 Rated squads is good as well, minimal margin on Son but can Alaba quite well under 18k as of writing this he’s being binned for 25k on Xbox

Alim jam

Hi chief when do you think the market price will be at its peak it’s cheapest during fut birthday.

Jude Palmer

He’s currently going for around 23k PS4, can we still pick him up for that price?


Got in at 15.5k on Alaba and he’s already gone up 5k. any idea how much higher will he go?


Good look, thanks Chief. Any thoughts on Witsel 85 additionally?


Hey chief i have a question… Gor 2 fut bday son from my saved packs… Hes currently ggoing for 640k… But hes 87 headliner{st} is going for 1.2m… Should i wait to sell?

J Sven

What would YOU class as a good % return on this investment? 20%? 30%?


Inform 82 Djené a good investment at around 14k? La Liga links, 82 rated inform Centre Half. Likely to rise without an SBC release? If an SBC drops then large rise?


Do totw base card investments still work ? Looking to purchase sterling or depay?


Hey chief ,
Are Régis Gurtner 81, Marco Bizot 81 good looks, for under 12.5k?


Please post your favorite totw 27 investments today.


Hey chief, is gold Bernardo Silva a decent buy considering he’s out of packs for a week?


Hi chief , so I invested in Sinclair for MM(celtics vs rangers) and Burke .do you think that was a good idea . When Is the time to sell him


When is the exact time to aell him


I bought 5 of those for 20k and they still dont increased


They won’t increase. 😉

pedro palma

23k right know 😉


24k and rising. thanks chief!