TOTW 28 Gold/Icon SBC Investment: Sterling

Player: Raheem Sterling

Reasoning: With 4 goals and 2 MOTM performances in 2 England victories, Sterling has a good shot at making TOTW 28 from international break. This would put his gold card out of packs from Wednesday, March 27th to Wednesday, April 3rd.

As he is one of the cheapest 87 rated players, Sterling has great SBC value (not to mention the fact he has a good league/club/nation).

The abundance of FUT Birthday challenges, including the recent leak of a middle icon SBC, should cause him to rise.

Target BUY: 32k or less

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Wednesday, April 3rd



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Lonzo Ball

Won’t the profit be minimal on this? Even if you make like 2k a card, it will take a bunch of coins to make something substantial profit.


How is this possible that Pavard went from 1k to 5k? If I was quick enough to grab it, that would be the deal of my life. 😀


Hi chief! Was wondering About getting his 91 rated UCL card, which could still evolve. With sterling in the next TOTW with what should also be a 91 rated inform, do you think the UCL price will fall? Thanks btw

Atakan Ak

What about Sterling’s 85 rated card? Do you think it might go up in price too?


Hi Chief,

I picked up 7 Batshuayi OTW for 18-20K. Price now is around 27K. Sell now or wait for TOTW tomorrow? Thanks!


Hey Chief, what about Umtiti, also 87 rated and good nation and position, he will be more likely in TOTW and ist now at 32,5k (ps4)


Sup Chief,

I bought some Schulz for around 800 coins regarding his incoming TOTW card.
What are your thoughts on this?

Alim jam

Hi chief just wanted to ask if you know when sterling’s price increases as I’m willing to invest in him when I receive my coins on Thursday ( due to wl and dl rewards) do you th8nk that would be a good day to buy him or will it be too late.
Thank you for sharing your tips and have a good rest of your day👍

Alim jam



How much will he sell for hes in totw

The Cat

Hey Chief, I am heavily invested in 83’s and 84’s. Should i continue to hold the everything in hopes of a TOTW SBC this week?


I love how you know so much about fifa that you got top 10 tp in just over a month but know so little that you think you start the game in div 10😂😂


Do you think this will be hurt by the repeatable 82-87 SBC?


Alright it’s not a sterling related question . But how does a guy who doesn’t even grind the game get #9 in the world transfer profit ? Did you get lucky and pack like Ronaldo and messi at the beginning . Jeez i cant even imagine

Jon C

Hey Chief, FUT Watch tweeted that apparently EA took the Icon SBC out of the code. Do you think this will affect the potential of Sterling’s value once TOTW comes out, if there’s in fact no SBC requiring his high rating?


No one is panic-selling Sterling – that’s a first! I expected his price to drop faster than a bag of rocks…
I guess for once people are looking a bit further ahead rather than being reactionary.


Or nobody bothered to follow the ‘advice’.


I just have to laugh at this – you’re acting like anyone who bought Sterling was just blinding following ‘advice’ and it was silly to think he would go out of packs.
Meanwhile, pretty much every person who actually paid the slightest bit of attention to the international performances assumed the same, and thinks Sterling got robbed of an inform.
But you’re just so much smarter! Because you…ignored a near-certainty? Uh…okay then.


Great! My comment was not removed for once. Thanks Chief!

Now back to the real stuff. ALL 85s, 86s and 87s will rise WHEN the mid icon sbc gets dropped. You would have to be an idiot to assume that 87 Sterling is a great deal just because we will be out of packs for a week. When the baby icon sbc dropped 84s and some 85s went extinct. Even if they were in packs. So no, the fact that a card is in TOWT will not matter when the mid icon sbc gets dropped. People are stupid enough to do it no matter to cost, so all 87s will rise 10-20k, not just Sterling.


All informs will rise but sterling would have rised more than most if he was in TOTW because while all 87s will have increased demand sterling’s supply would also be lower so he would rise even more


Again, you might not realize that when we are talking about guaranteed icon SBCs that are cheapish people will sell their whole families to be able to do multiple of them. The demand will be far greater than the supply for all 87s, not just Sterling. Nodoby will pay more for Sterling when Fernandinho is just as good.


So the card will rise anyway…and has a decent league for chemistry…so why not buy it? I see what you’re saying about why Sterling wasn’t special (and subsequently didn’t drop today) but still seems like a decent investment. I don’t mind having bought a few via Chief’s post. This is my first year of FUT so I take advice where I can get it.


That’s your main problem. You do not understand how things work 100%. When someone with a lot of followers does something, the people are stupid enough to copy them. In our case, they’ll buy Sterling because they read about it on a website for a greater price then they should; some people (i.e. patreons) try to buy => price will rise => regular people try to buy for 3-5k more expensive than they should).

If you believe that Sterling will be useful for an SBC (like mid icon) buy Fernandinho. OR even better, try to do your own guessing and investing. That way you know that you do not pay extra for stuff.


Let’s assume you suggested Pjanic. I picked up Pjanic for 20k yesterday and he is now 23k. That’s nothing in terms of profit due to tax. Now, let’s say that mid icon SBC drops on Friday (which is probably what will happen). Do you honestly believe that people will be dumb enough (bad question with so many children) so pay 35k for Pjanic when Matic will be 30k? Or do you think that simply because he’s out of packs everybody will be so determined to use him in an SBC where he’s not specifically required?

Sterling made sense if he was specifically required for an SBC or at least a Man City player but in that case we go back to Fernandinho.

Daniyal Ilyas

Hi Chief I bought 5 Sterlings 85 OVER, but the price has dropped. Should I sell so if the price goes down more I’ll lose less coins or should I hang onto them?

Daniyal Ilyas

Thanks my guy