TOTW 28 Investment: Moreno

Player: Héctor Moreno

Reasoning: First of all, GGs to those of you who investing in my earlier TOTW 28 investment (Dmitrovic).

Typically I only suggest one TOTW investment per week, but since Dmitrovic already rose a good amount, I thought I’d recommend another.

Moreno has a good league, position, and rating, all of which are useful for SBCs.

I expect his price to increase gradually after he leaves packs on Wednesday.

Target BUY: 13k or less

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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I just discovered this site – really nice predictions!
When do you expect it to go down? 🙂


Thanks for the answer!
But I mean after it starts rising – when do you expect it to be last chance to sell? 🙂




Hello Chief, off topic but what has happened to the discord? Went to check a few threads this morning and it appears not to be in my channels?


I understand, I’ve also got 2million liquid ready to invest, do you recommend higher tier informs for a better ROI of stick on the smaller tiers?

Kyrie irving

Is this a safe investment? Fut birthday is ending meaning he is less desired and has a lowered demand. I don’t think there will be a big promo for a while.

Gabriel Vianna

hi chef, compared to last week’s totw (gurtner, ekdal, bizot) do you think they can still go up? A big hug from Brazil;)


Hey there Chief, just found this website, keep up the hard work. I have no clue in investing but thx to you I’m getting there slowly.
One question, what price should I sell the Moreno card u suggested to see a nice profit yet to manage sell it?


Thank you for the reply, already sold some for 15k each (bought for 12k) (=

Alim jam

Yo chief, just wanted to ask on how I would know when it’s the best time to sell these totw investments as last week with dimitrovic, I sold the. All for 15250 when they raised to about 16500 or so later on in the day

Lee Kavanagh

IF Kadar a safe investment under 13k?
Thanks 🙂


and what about Niang? Still pretty cheap now.


I invested in a couple of morenos at 14k but on pc is it still a good investment knowing that on pc prices are higher?


Hey chief, off topic but I have around 40 84 rated informs (Milik, Izzo) would you recommend selling for 30k each and reinvesting or will they rise above 30k?


Chief, just wanted to thank you for communicating Twitter leaks, etc. via your embedded feed here. I’m short on free time to really keep up with FIFA on social media, and this is the second time it has really helped me out (first being the warning before 2-1 promo.)
I bought a bunch of Hamdallah 85 for 25.5k anticipating the mid-icon SBC and decided to off-load @32.5.
Much appreciated!


Need to ask you question about the subscription. Is there an email to contact you on?


Hey chief . I’ve recently discovered your website. I just wanted to ask a question . I bought Zapata 87 headliner who has been going up since March 29 by 40k when he was at 90 k original price and will receive an upgrade in totw to become an 88 . Bought him for 134 000 . Do you reckon he’ll go up after the upgrade even after going up so much before? Sorry if this is too long