TOTW 29 Gold Investment: Patrick van Aanholt

Player: Patrick van Aanholt

Reasoning: The Dutch fullback had a goal and a clean sheet in a 2-0 victory over Huddersfield this weekend. There is a good chance that he will make TOTW 29 and be out of packs from April 3rd to April 10th.

As I tweeted yesterday, there are still coins to be made in investing in these gold cards, particularly when they are widely used in league SBCs.

Van Aanholt is in nearly every cheapest solution for the Crystal Palace challenge.

I expect his cut in supply to cause an increase in price when leaving packs.

Target BUY: Less than 1200 coins

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Wednesday, April 10th



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Hey chief, maybe u answered this question before, but I just wanna get an idea of how I can know when such a card will be out of packs and when it returns.
Is there any base that I can follow ? Or it depends on different situations ?
(Sry for my bad english)

Josh Burton

What price will he go up to ?

Alim jam

Yo chief do you think this will be a safe investment seeing as he’s already gone up to 1.7K

Alim jam

Do you think his price will go back down to what you suggested it to be?

Alim jam

Hi chief last question, is 1.4 a good price for this investment?

Alim jam

Should I sell him now whilst he’s about 2.3k? Or do you think he’ll increase further?

Rob Gronkowski

Which do you think would be better for me to dump all my coins in, Moreno or van arsehole?

Maximilian Dorn

hey chief, off topic question but do you think the genrell prices of high rated players will go back to normal when the mid icon upgrade sbc expires?


Hey cheif,
Unfortunately I missed van Aanholt, what do you think of Shaw under 1 k and Dubois for under 500?


tanx for tips


Neres a good shout? To buy for the same reasons


Too late to buy Moreno? I only have 30 of him and he’s up to 15k already. Do you think I should sell now and invest somewhere else?

Lebron Jr

Did you April fools prank us with that OMG BEST LOOKS defour, Bruno twitter thing. Cuz I bought like 100 of them

Lebron Jr

So you pranked us? Really that’s fucked up we trust u for advice on good investments and u do this shit.

uncl rc0

If you were in the discord, you would’ve seen it coming 😉

Lebron Jr

No shot I’m paying for trading advice lmao

uncl rc0

Don’t bitch about information you could have gotten by paying then. As with everything in life, you get what you pay for.


Hey Chief,

Just wondering, how often do you go live on Twitch?


April fools?

Stefano Falsini

He’s not in TOTW29 :(((((

Hamza Özkurt

Hry chief Thanks so much for tactics 650 coins Is it nice to invest I bought 100