Q & A Tuesday – Week 29

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Tan Blatchman

With few expected EA Promotions before TOTS, will the market and specials cards from Carniball and FUT Birthday rise?

Cheers Chief


What about investing in Alcacer Gold?

Ishtiaq Ul Haq Syed

I invested like 200k into LB Kadar IF from totw 28. Bought at 12k. Will he increase? Safe to wait or sell at 13k?


Do you think bruno defour and monthe will incresed


Hi Chief,
Poulsen, kostic, Kruse or alcacer all good Investments? All of Thema werde good this week.. so maybe TOTW?!


Dear chief do you think 83s are going to increased…during the fut birthday event didnt increased ??


Hello Chief,

Thanks for your hot tips as always. Do you know why high rated gold are going up so fast ?



Hi Chief, maybe a little bit off topic, but i have about 400 Gold (rare and non rare) Player in the club. Do you reccomend to sell them time to time or stock them and use for the SBC? I thoug about selling them all and investing in future


Hey chief, what happened to discord channel?


Oh, sad to hear that it was really fun to be part of that discord channel, that was the only reason that links us together Chief you and me. Now that link has broken goodbye Chief and Thank You.

P.S. FUT_Chief discord will be missed by many people, especially me because of that’s where I met my wife LOL

Pim Klaassen


Tan Blatchman

Why don’t you post SBC’S anymore Chief?


Should I sell my birthday Marcelo? I bought him for 680k and he’s at 540k and slowly moving up. The longer I wait the less the loss, but it handicaps me from investing. What should I do?


Accidentally left the discord. Can I go back? You can check, I’ve been there for a long time.


The Public Discord got deleted.


It was good time. Find many new ways to trade. But time to move on. Anyway i found another good trader discord.

Kyrie Irving

Can you tell me plz what the good trader discord is


Hi Chief, when is the best time to buy TOTY players? I have been waiting for the price to go down but it has been steady for a while now. It’s going to be a big drop in price when TOTS comes out? Since you have TOTY in you team and you are the best investor it make me think that the price may go up instead πŸ™‚
Looking to buy Neymar and Mbappe.


tarek mohamed

i have 120,000 coin i want to invest ? which player i can invest on it ?


Hi chief,i bought salah fut birthday for 300 k…do you think His price will rise or will go down by time ?

Tristan TIri

In which next informs do we have to invest

Zyler MacDonald

Hey I have 300k to invest. Where should I put it? Thanks


What do you think about investing in cancelo he otw is cheaper than his if


Hi chief, i brought 88 Calabria and 86 Cancelo. I think they will go up after the Wkly Ob Milinkovic-Savic. Am i right?

noah Winterman

just wondering how many totw you should buy to make a decent profit at the end

Alim jam

What does β€˜ROI’ stand for?


Return of Investment


Hi, what about FUT Birthday players? If I had bought some of them few days ago, when the promo was on that would be a great investment as they all heave risen up. What would you think of e.g. Witsel or Pavard? They are great cards and should rise as well another 10%?