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Mee/Hubner as totw IF investment?

John Flame

My favorite look is Poulsen. Not for investments, just for use. His 86 was amazing with Marksman, cant wait to use the 87.

John Flame

Plus dynamic image too… Love it


USING a non-meta card to actually play the game rather than as an investment? Is that even…possible?
It’s so damn crazy, by god, I think it might just work.

John Flame

Are tall Target Man ST non-meta? I can’t ever keep up, the last Meta I remember is the 4-3-3 with a tall ST

Peter Davidson

Hi what do you think of vela for a good card investment whilst it is out of packs also I’m interested in becoming a member but have some questions

Peter Davidson

Does any one know what is the c b p, cheifs buy price extension is. Can any members tell me if its worth it to subscribe to the paid content. If so why, and how much extra can you make from chiefs tips

Peter Davidson

Thanks, will the cbp work for fifa 20 ?


86 Robertson as a good investment?

Mariano Rivera

I already paid my suscription but haven´t recieved any email.


is it worthy to buy a lot of good and cheap 83 still? do you think they will rise again?