TOTW 29 Investment: Alexander Schwolow

Player: Alexander Schwolow

Reasoning: The German keeper is one of the cheapest 81 rated informs. He will increase in price as his supply is decreased due to being submitted into SBC challenges.

In addition, his good league (Bundesliga) and nation (Germany) make him easily linkable for chemistry purposes.

Target BUY: Less than 13k

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Will I buy the ones at 13,250 or will I just go for 13k or less

Peter Davidson





What about Mee under 20k?


there will be a better ROI on Scholow, hence why Chief posted as an investment tip.

Kyrie Irving

Tomorrow during the rewards is probably the best time for me to unload my fut birthday Marcelo, my fut birthday Kyle walker and Moreno investments and complete prime moments best for the cheapest, right?


If your happy with price just sell. if not just wait until your happy. Then sell.
Its not rocket science.


I actually got GUAITA (84 rated GK from TOTW 29) in one of the pack openings. He is from Spain and Premier league. I think his price will go up if some SBC comes up. What do you think chief? Or may be no one prefers to buy the high rated totw players when doing the SBC having totw player requirement.


I see.


Hey chief, when do u think it will be the right time to sell Hector Moreno as he has risen to about 17k?


Why is this? I bought 75 of him


ok, becuase i last time i bought 45 mandis for 13k and sold them about a week and a half later for 28k each. So u don’t think this will happen with hector moreno?


I got inform 87 Robertson. Do i sell now or wait until he comes out of packs?


Hi, i have a question to you Chief. Do you think that buying this keeper (60 card’s) on PC is good idea? I mean, do you think i will sell this card very fast on pc market? It would be my first invest, and i don’t think that’s a good idea :/ Thanks!


As a PC player myself I can say that TOTW investments as good as always works, especially with players which prices are near discard. But one thing I would keep in mind is that the PC market is far more expensive than the XBOX and PS, so I try to buy Schwalow for under 14,5k. You’ll still make the same profit cause his price will also rise to a higher level. And don’t get too excited in investments that you buy players for more than they are worth, for example buying Schwalow for 17-19k. I did the mistake in the beginning and ended with a bunch of players with the lowest BIN far under the value I paid for them. So just try to invest in some different players and just buy a few of every to learn how the market works, and enjoy your new money boost! ;)

Laurent blanc

When do I sell my schwolow cards?


When do you think Middle Blanc’s price will go under 600k? He was at some point 540k and now the market just rose up.

Peter Davidson

Chief do you think hubner is any good around 14-15 thou he has good links. Could he possibly rise as many team of the week do over a week or so once they’re out of packs


That was a brilliant call. He’s 20k+ now.

Peter Davidson



Hey Chief,

Im new to this, but i used to make money on buying and selling condition cards. Enjoyed making money more than playing the game and winning shit packs. Decided to sell my team for 2,3M and buyed lots of IF Schwolow’s.

I analized your other investments and it al looks 100% profit. You are doing a great job man!!


Can you get a perm ban from making to many coins off of the tranfer market?


Still think he’s goI’d at under 13k? PS4


No autobuyer, I bought 127 IF Schwolows for 13k ea. Thats 1 mill and 651k. If i sell them for only 18k ea. I will make over 500k fast, is this bannable?

18k ea is reachable right?


damn man you the baws

Alim jam

Yo chief, do you think carnival muller is a good investment?

Peter Davidson

79 Zapata is doing bits, brought about 20 of them cheap on Monday. He gets team of the week and then weekly objectives score with Colombian and he’s risen 500% cheers then


@chief! What about hubner? Looks much like hector :D

Peter Davidson

Stock up on hubner mate

Joey Swole

Any idea on what a good price is for Hubner?


He hasnt gone below 16.5-17k so thats the lowest he’ll go most likely


Hi Chief, I just packed 84 rated Dabbur and his current value is 21,000 coins. Should I sell now or will there be an SBC that makes his price rise later?


Pedro Guedes

I bought 50 at 12 k… I’m a little afraid if he don’t rise….

Peter Davidson

Who did you buy


Hello, i invested in Hoarau because he is an French inforn. will his price rise aswell

Pedro Guedes

Thanks for the reply


What about investing in Belotti for about 1000? He is likely going to be totw 30 and he is used for Torino sbc.


What do you think he will go up to?