TOTW 30 Gold Investment: Dante

Player: Dante

Reasoning: With the only goal and MOTM honors in their 1-0 victory over Montpellier, Dante has a great chance at making TOTW 30. This would force his gold card out of packs from Wednesday, April 10th to Wednesday, April 17th.

As he is a necessary component for the Nice League SBC, I expect him to rise when going out of packs just as Hübner and Mee did this past week for TOTW 29.

Target BUY: 1000 coins or less

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Wednesday, April 17th



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What about jagielka?


For how much should i sell?


Hey chief,how do i save more then 100 same player in my club or transfer list ? If thats possible…thx


Thank you…but the question was for Webapp if its possible there ,i forgot to mention that sorry


Hey, on pc the cheapest one is like 2000 ( the cheapest dante ), so should I pick ones for 1,500?


Hey Cheif, his average price on PS4 is 1,300. (9th April.) What should the target buy be?

Ngolo Kanté 4 president

thoughts on Yuri Berchiche, 1 goal and 1 assist as a LB

Peter Davidson

What about ruben loftus cheek cheif his already going for 4000 was 400 hundred sunday. Great shout cus he might get team of the week and Chelsea Liverpool marquee match ups

Peter Davidson

I meant on sunday monday he wad very cheap, because he could be in totw and possibly marquee match ups so would be out of packs his price has gone up massivly


Hey chief what do you think of Adem ljajic besiktas won 7-2 He scored 2 and 3 assist ?


It looks like his price is rising due to be confirmed in the TOTW. Would it be best to sell before he is released, in the (hype) or when he is actually out of packs?


You think the price will go up?
currently around 800 coins..
dont wanna lose to much on him.