TOTW 31 Gold Investment: Reina

Player: José Reina

Reasoning: With a clean sheet and a MOTM performance in a big 1-0 result against Lazio, there is a good chance Reina makes TOTW 31.

As he is one of the cheapest 83s, he is a safe look.

In addition, there is a good chance that we get a guaranteed, repeatable SBC this Friday for TOTT that causes 83s to rise as a whole; Reina knocks out 2 birds with 1 stone in that sense.

Target BUY: Less than 1200 coins

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Wednesday, April 24th



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What about Debuchy? He is necessary for St. Etienne sbc.


Hi chief, for that Totw sbc, do 83 or 84 increase more in absolute prices in general? Thanks

Connor benstead

Hi futchief since it will be bundesliga potm on Friday who do you think would be a 100-% profit invest to do , i was thinking muller but he’s price fixed at 30k


Buy Reina at 1300k still good?


Hey Chief, when is the best time to sell these? Since you said a drop in price will be expected next week with the upcoming TOTS?


Why does the Gold cards now have quick sell price restrictions??? F.e. Robben 18k !!? Was there an Update?




Hi chief, hope u re doing good!
Bought a bunch of him, thanks. Still have 700k to invest, any higher player to invest on such as evo UCL ones before games starts? Never did so, just wondering…

Also saw smthg about a crash to come, when is it best to sell our big players? Market is pretty high! Thanks for your help

roger man

I would go MOTM Laporte as he is looking pretty low and will likely go extinct after MOTM.


Thank you for your answers. On last drop with fut birthday I saw the market going down from Monday to Friday but when the event started it went again. Could we possibly expect the same to happen? (Asking but I know you can’t know)


I see my team already lost 100k


Hello, can someone explain to me why should we invest in this gold pepe reina? If a TOTW pepe reina comes out what we gain with that? Im kinda new to this trade world.

roger man

Because he wont be in packs. Also as there is an sbc coming soon that requires 83 rated players, his Gold card will be bought because he has good links and wont be in packs throughout the week therefore making him scarce.


When a card is in TOTW his normal card is out of packs for a week. So will be lower supply of his normal card, 83. As supply lowers, and demand increase ( SBCs which need him) , then his price can only go up.
No investments is guaranteed, but that is the reason why Chief has this as recommended investment.


Might be a stupid question, Chief, but do low-rated IFs from previous weeks (Bizot, Gurtner, etc.) crash when a guaranteed TOTW SBC drops, since overall supply of IFs shoots way up? Or does only the current TOTW take major damage?

Toby Wilson

when do you reccomend selling these reinas

ie. what price should i let him rise to (roughly)


Hi Chief,

In your Reasoning why to buy Pepe you explain that all 83s will increase in price this friday. Is that all 83s? Will it affect 84s?


But you said that the TOTT will make 83s rise as a whole?

so like Horn? will he rise? Plus we have the Bundeliga POTM on the same day


should we sell hugo mallo?


What do you reckon he’ll go up to and when should we sell


Ok great