TOTW 32 Gold Investment: Niklas Süle

Player: Niklas Süle

Reasoning: There is perhaps no player that is turned to more often than Niklas Süle for SBCs. With his good rating, position, club, and league, he is easily linkable for chemistry purposes when it comes to challenges, as evidenced by his constant price fluctuations.

Süle is the cheapest he has been in over a month. In addition, he has a good chance at making TOTW 32 due to scoring the only goal in Bayern’s 1-0 victory over Werder. This would cause his gold card to go out of packs from Wednesday, April 24th to Wednesday, May 1st, and the cut in supply could lead to a nice price increase.

Target BUY: 6,500 coins or less

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Wednesday, May 1st.



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Hey Chief,
I’ve sniped Sule for 5K what should I do ? sell him now or wait for more few days. And how much do you think his max price will be


Hey chief
I wanted to know when is the best time to sell ucl live cards like pique. Should I sell now or after tots

Alim jam

Yo chief as the market is really low atm do you think it would be a good idea to invest in a lot of 84 and 85’s?


sorry it isn’t to do with süle but please could you link the article showing how to store unlimited cards on the companion app, i can’t find it. thanks!


Is mbappe at 210k a good buy as he will rise out of packs?




hi chief do you think investing in champions league 83 rated cards is good right now?


Hey chief, I just saw your twitter post about Funes Mori going up to 14,500. Do you think his price will continue to rise? When do you think will be the best time to sell?

Daniyal Ilyas

Somehow always lose money cus of him hes too unreliable. What about special cards?