Q & A Tuesday – Week 32

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hi Chief,
Is it still worth investing in IF cards during the lightning rounds when TOTS comes out?

Jordan Davies

Packed 90 ziyech, Is it worth keeping him or selling him on


I just packed TOTW Lucas. Is it worth selling him now or keeping him? Just found this site but seems great so I will definitely be reading in the future.


do you think the market will rise again until first week of tots?


do we sell deulofeou and funes mori now or wait?


i bought deulofeu (68 of them) for 850 each and i sold them today like 12 hours ago for 1.5k to reinvest into marquee matchups


Hi Chief, do you think players like OTW Cancelo and Headliners Lala will rise again at the end of the week? Or will they only continue to fall?


Thanks for the answer as always chief. Appreciate that you take time to do this.


When sell my team for tots market crash?


I am not sure how valuable your players are, but I would suggest you look up the players you use on futbin and see how stable their prices are. Most of the players are already decreasing in value. So if you want to have max profit, I would sell your players now (before everybody is thinking about the same thing). I sold my players two weeks ago and it saved me a loss of 300k (total team value of 2 mil).


Hi there,

I’ve got the the point where I’ve got a liquid million.
Can you reccommend any investments for a quick flip before TOTS?



hey, i invested in headliner ziyechs at 80k before the upgrade, what time do you think would be the best time to sell?


What players are good for sniping at the moment – for a high profit


Do you still flip Cards? Do you have any other methods of trading you do? I know you donโ€™t invest, also how was your weekend league, what was your finish chief?


Any insight as to why Funes Mori has dropped back down to 13k? I was hoping he’d reach 18k before I sold them off


Hey chief.

So, pique 92 is just dropping and dropping in price and costs around 110k right now.. Do you know why he continues to drop so much pr day? I would like to buy him, but I don’t know If I should because of an eventually huge loss of coins If it continues.


Hey chief was hoping to join your subscription, but can u give us a better insight on what we can expect like daily tips ? Buy times ? Guranteed profits ? Etc


What about daily flips / Thursday flips ? And thank you for replying


Would u say your investments have a lot of hold time or generally 1-2 weeks? Sorry for asking so many questions just wanted to be clear


Very well, since Fifa 19 is pretty much now dead, I look forward to joining your Sub when the new game comes out, been following your website for a while and I must say I’m a fan, thanks for always looking out for the rest of community

Pedro Guedes

I want to joining your subscription when the new game comes out, been following you and I made some nice trades.

Pedro Guedes

I invested in some psg players for marquee… Maybe I can get some profit

Gabriel Vianna

Hello Chief, look here again. I would like to be one of your subscribers but I am in Brazil and there is a great difficulty about the methods of payment and the amount of money involved, could you help me in any way? My email is [email protected]. sorry to say it here but it was the only way I ate


I want to buy lewandowski 91 for eusebio sbc when should i do it

ishmam njhal

When should I invest for tots
And on whom
What price should I buy on?


Hi Cheif,

I’ve got an 88 lampard, although he has fallen by 30k in the last few days, will this continue or do you think he’ll rise again?