SBC Investment: Jordan Henderson

Player: Jordan Henderson

Reasoning: Over the next couple weeks, there are multiple SBCs that could require high rated Liverpool players, including both the Van Dijk POTY SBCs as well as potential CL SBCs for both legs of the semifinals.

In addition, there is a possibility of a FUT Champions Cup SBC this weekend which requires English players; the eSports Cup takes place place in Manchester, and EA has a history of releasing SBCs related to the location of the event for these.

Target BUY: 1,200 coins or less

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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why tadic ucl investiment is not here? is it?

Jamie White

Hi Chief, my first year playing fut. just found your website after many investment attempts which were both successful and unsuccessful and ridiculous amounts of money spent on Fifa points. You’re a god send tbh mate. Any chance you could elaborate a touch on this Tadic ucl one? I’m guessing there’ll be some sbc which requires him and 1 ucl card but wondering about the specifics? Cheers mate

Jamie White

Cheers mate, how much would you expect him to rise to roughly if you can give an idea, and an explanation if possible. Sorry gotta pick your brains to try and get to your level myself lol!

Jamie White

Cheers man


hey chief but his nation and league aren’t bad? he is not the cheapest 86 anymore (is it good?) and i have loads of them. hope i can get a good ROI. thanks anyway.


do you think they will ask something linked to ajax and high overalls? due to ucl semi finals.

Zoran Stefanoski

Chief, one off topic question?
When will be released TOTS promo?


Chief , for how much should we sell the cards?


58K is pretty expensive for SBC, don’t you think ? What SBC are you looking to submit Benzema ?

Killyan Mc Nally

SBC in which you require an inform and a high rating coming up to TOTS. Just seemed very cheap to be honest. It is a high risk trade but we will see how it goes.


Will cancelo 88 inform go up or will go down because of toty. If not should I sell him now. Plz reply soon


Hey chief what do you think about investing with the gold asensio now he goes for 12k do you think his price will go up ?


When is a good time to sell my squad and buy it back


can u please explain me pros and cons behind this method?


Chief I did what you said and managed to pick up 16 Hendo’s all under 1.2k now he’s at 2.5k 😎


Just want to say i almost doubled my money with this investment thank you


40 Hendersons sold for 2.7k

Thanks chief. 🔥 🔥


I sold 90 for 2.7 – 3k
Thanks chief.


Thx Chief for the tip, nice profit was made GG



Hi Chief, might not be the right place to ask this, but what do you think about investing in 84+ Dutch players for the incoming Van Dijk POTY?


Do you think stocking some 83 de ligt and 84 de vrij would be a good idea cause they will link well with tots van dijk sbc maybe ??

Dr Sagar Lalani

Hey chief..I’ve 600k to invest can u tell me good investments that can boost my coins in 3-5 days? Cheers

Dr Sagar Lalani

Thank you chief


Hey Chief
Is it good to invest with the (rare gold Asensio 85)? Now he goes for 12k


an account on Instagram said me to invest in 83 De Ligt. He said that his price will go up, but im not sure. What do you think??


I wanted to know what can the price of a 94 tots expect to like 1million+


What do you think on 82 rafinha currently at 1k for the Liverpool vs Barca ucl marquee match ups when it’s released


Hey chief, I was looking to resubscribe with the gold option (the one with cbp) but I dont see it anymore as an option on the website. Any help with that?


I bought 20 of these on Thursday. Sold them last night for double my money. Thanks, Chief.


On the other hand, your recommendations of Pepe Reina and Dante didn’t pan out all that well. LOL