TOTW 32 Investment: Diego Carlos

Player: Diego Carlos

Reasoning: High rated, cheap Brazilian informs that are the cheapest for their respective ratings have a history of rising nicely after leaving packs. Take a look at the examples of Soares, Hilton, and Adriano.

As Carlos also has a good position (CB) and league (Ligue 1), I expect similar things from him.

Target BUY: Less than 15,000 coins.

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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GT- DutchProHaze

Thnx Nice Info bro


Chief should we invest in some Liverpool 82+/Premier League & good nation 84+ players due to probability of Van Dijk winning POTY?


Thanks Chief. Invested 300k in him. Invested another 300k in Boufal at 12k or less. How do you feel about Boufal?

Banan Do

Hi Chief, first of all thanks for your blog is the best and second do u think Philipp Max 82 is a good investment (i bought a few under 14k)?

Miguel Aires

Hi Chief
15k is ps4 value right?
What about pc value?

John Flame

Chief not investing in a German Bundesliga LWB? Even though price is only 15k on Halstenberg and the price of all other German LB and Bundesliga LB (other than Kostic) has skyrocketed? I’m shocked

John Flame

I usually load up on your pick and pick at the scraps after you post, then try to make my own decisions. I was just surprised because I thought you lived by the Good League/Good Nation LBs.


on ps4 all IF lb’s that are 81-83 skyrocket out of packs but diego carlos was my second pick too honestly just go down the middle and do both they’re both great picks and when it’s time to sell you won’t accidentaly lower the card price by listing 50 of one card at once


hey chief.

what about funes mori if? it’s around 15,5k still. do you think it will rise more? i’ve bought for 12k +- as recommended. cheers.


Sell them bro, you already made a good profit, no need to push it.


ok mate, I think I will do that. cheers.


cool. do you think petagna if is a good choice? i’ve bouth aroung 10 of him for 11-12k. petagna gold i have around 45 cards.


what about Halstenberg? Hes a fullback with good nation and league and hes even cheaper


What do you think of 82 halstenberg at 16k or less? the second cheapest LB/LWB in the bundesliga is Kostic at 20k who has 81 OVR, so one less, and a much worse nationality. Also historically fullbacks IF have risen a lot.


What makes Diego Carlos a better investment, though?


81 informs under 13k are good yea??


+++ Petagna – Italian and Seria A could be a good investment


Hey chief, i bought some Petagna for 12-12,5 k I think it is also a good option?
What do you think?


hi chief, under the futbin page of pique live people are saing he doesnt get a upgrade because his totks card. is that true?

Alim jam

Yo chief do you think 84 Keita is a good investment for poty Van Dijk?


hey chief
Judging from your experience for how much profit would you sell them? I bougt some of them on PC for 18k now they are at over 20k would you sell already?


Hi chief, i´m new to trading. At the moment i have 350k, what should i invest in?


i´ve bought only 2 of him, should i buy more?


What about Ayoze Perez 81? He is the cheapest EPL 81 atm.


What about Shaqiri 81 rated? Good pick for POTY and UCL SBC?


Chief what do u think about Benteke IF?🤔


when should i sell my carlos investments roughly, 1 week after hes out of packs?


do you think 86 otamendi for 19k each (he goes for 21-23k rn on ps4) is a good investment for sterling ypoty