SBC Investment: Naby Keïta

Player: Naby Keïta

Reasoning: Just as I mentioned with Henderson, there are a lot of SBCs in the next couple weeks that could require Liverpool players.

Not only could we get CL MM this week or next, but there is also a good chance Salah wins the April POTM. That award would come out on Friday, May 10th, and Liverpool players would likely be required.

Also, a guaranteed SBC that causes 83s like Keïta to increase in price is always a possibility.

Target BUY: 1,500 coins or less

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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do you know why pique live is not rising price?


Hi Chief,
Is it a good idea to invest on gold Caligiuri for under 1000 ? He will likely have a spot in the totw 33.


Do you think 2,300 coins or less on PC is good for investment?


Hi chief what would your target price be I’m kinda new to the trading thing


Sell price I mean


Thanks chief


Hi chief and thanks for the tip.

Gonna sell and renew my team with the event upcoming, worked well with futbday. Is it the 3rd or 10th? Heard both… when would you advice to sell ?Here is my current team:

And here s what I expect to get.

No need to say they all get10col while optimised.

Nothing crazy but hey, my first fifa! Maybe an introduction for a new weekly team tread ;)?
What are people your opinion about:
Cuadrado 88 or sterling 91?
Aurier UCL 89 or Cancelo 88?
Douglas Costa 89 or Felipe Anderson 88?
Matthaus 91or anyone else as 2nd CDM?


For your new team, i think it is better to stap De Bruyne with matthaus because its better for Ronaldo’s chemistry.


I mean swap De Bruyne and Matthaus.


Hi and thanks for your answer. As i mentioned this is in game, they all get 10/10 when the game starts


Hey chief.

Rafinha and Keita were about 2k a couple of hours ago, now they have decrised quite a lot in price, will they rise again you think, or should I just sell and move on?

Edit : rafinha rose to 2k and I decided to sell.
But what about Keita?


Thanks mate.

Dennis Patrick

So you wouldn’t suggest holding onto Keita cards for potential Salah POTM release? Recommend selling now at $2K?


Hi Chief,
Is it a good idea to invest on gold Asensio for under 12k ?


He has done very well in the last 24 hours. I sold all 30 of mine for 2700 each this morning. Bought them all for 1500 each.


will this still work