TOTW 34 Gold Investment: Alexander-Arnold

Player: Trent Alexander-Arnold

Reasoning: With 2 assists and a MOTM performance in Liverpool’s 3-2 victory over the weekend, the English fullback has a good chance of making TOTW 34. This would put his gold card out of packs from Wednesday, May 8th to Wednesday, May 15th.

The last time Alexander-Arnold went out of packs was during the Future FUT Stars promotion in January. Here is how his price reacted:

I’m hopeful that his price will act similarly this time around, especially if some upcoming SBC requires him (notably the upcoming BPL POTM in which Salah could win).

Target BUY: 1200 coins or less.

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Wednesday, May 15th.



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Santi Mina should be pretty good as well. 2 goals and 2 assists.


which care should we buy? gold 78 card? does it have any profit?
in pc the min. price is 2200


I bought 6x for the price of2200.
How far does it go up?


I bought for2200 and sold 3400


When should we buy him? Min price on Xbox is 2000.


I love u bro I just bought 45 Alexander Arnold’s for 1.5k each and I sold them all for 5.2k and they sold instantly


This hour he costs 5.3k on ps4 XD


Holy cash cow, Batman! I bought 30 of these for 12-1300 each. The cheapest BIN on him right now is 6000. Nice!


I only bought one… Well spotted Futchief. If you only had given the correct conclusion to why.. then it would have been better.

Every Liverpool-player, even bronze is going for 6k. To bad about Salah not getting the POTM.. so quite lucky for you Newsboy559 that it all went this well for you!


Think now is a good time to cash in on Trent?


i have a question,

robert lewandofski is likely to win the bundesliga potm. wich players should i buy to make the most profit, or do you advise a different investment, thanks!


thanks chief


The lowest I could get him was 2500 (on PC) and seeing your Target Buy I thought: Nope, not going to fall for this one. Boy, was I stuppid xD


is it to late to invest in trent?