Q & A Tuesday – Week 34

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hi Chief,
Planning for premium leagues upgrade, is it safe to target Rare gold? under 750?


Tanx for reply mate


Hi Chief, I want to buy TOTY KDB as he won’t be getting a better card but I wonder if he would drop in price during TOTS or if I should buy him now.

Tan Blatchman

What are your Community TOTS picks Chief?


It is good idea sell squad now and buy again during tots

Bernardo Gonçalo

Hey chief, what you think about william if at 12250? Bought 150 ricos at 17500/17750 but now its difficult


Bought 10 at 10.500, last Wednesday, just to test the waters. Sold them in the hype yesterday at 15000, very happy 🙂


Would it be good to invest in kompany since he is most likely to get a totw card and he is vital in icon sbcs


Chief, 3.1m for Ronaldo OTW. I believe this is too cheap for him, but I see his prices decreasing increasingly. Do you think he can go under 3m with BPL TOTS?


Vardy for POTM
– how can we make use of that information for investment?

Thank you for a great site!!


Hello. Are the icons a good investment for this moment? the market is very low and the prices for a prime icon are good


Should we sell our squads for upcoming tots event?

Atakan Ak

I bought a lot of John Stones for 1.4k to sell when TOTS comes but he has risen to 2k because of the Vardy sbc. Do you think he has room to rise during TOTS or should I sell in the hype?


Hi chief, I have the same dilemma. Do you think player prices will go up more or should I sell my 81-83 PL defender investments now?

John Flame

Hi Chief,

Where was Vardy’s goal yesterday vs City to give Liverpool the BPL title? Liverpool has essentially clinched second at this point. I would be more than happy to eat my words if City drop points against Brighton.

Anyway, no question, just many complaints that my boys in Red didn’t win the prem. Again.


John Flame


Not sure what witchcraft or rain dance you did, but thank you for providing Liverpool with a glorious win over Barcelona at Anfield. I am sorry to have questioned your judgement. Go Reds!

Cheers. Thanks again for the awesome trading advice.


Hey chief, I wanted to know if I should sell pique ucl live before the champions league final or after because I want to make a bigger profit. Currently his price is 187000.


ouch indeed


RIP. I know you still got him don’t made out you sold him for profit. This should your lesson. ALWAYS SELL IN THE HYPE.


When the tots come out on Friday, Will we get the most profit if we sell the players right away in the hipe or should we wait a bit before we sell them? When will their price be the highest. (I’m talking about the 81-83 la liga and prem players)


Should I sell my Figo 90 dates? Prices dropping hard since saturday. 580k to 510k. Is or dropping more? Or will t come back to a good level in the weekend?


Chief what about investing in others 81+ players like LaLiga midfielders?


Hi chief, will totw players rise?


Could you tell me what are the prices should i aim while buying 81 if, 82 if, 83 if?


If they are like spain/la liga or germany/bundesliga? 81 for 13k, 82 for 15k and 83 for ~18k is decent?


Petagna or Halstenberg from last totw?


Can we start a whatsapp group for serious traders where we discuss tips for investing and trading? I think it would be a fantastic idea


Hi Chief,

Appreciate all your advice and knowledge throughout the year.

Just curious what your thoughts are on holding IF investments from previous weeks in line for TOTS?
(Example Debuchy, Hugo Mallo, Max, Funes Mori, Pepe, Benteke etc.)
Some have risen nicely but unsure if I should still hold or sell them all now before a plethora of packs are opened for BP TOTS?