Community TOTS Gold Investment: Zlatan

Player: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Reasoning: Community TOTS begins on Friday, May 10th. Players that are in the Community TOTS will have their gold cards out of packs from Friday, May 10th to Friday, May 17th.

As Zlatan is one of the cheapest 85 rated players, there is a good chance that he will rise nicely during this period, especially given the fact that we should see an abundance of SBCs during Team of the Season that could put him in some cheapest FUTBIN solutions.

Target BUY: 10k or less.

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Friday, May 17th.



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Is getting him in PC for 13,5k good? or should i go for lower price?


thanks you very much for the reply, but i’ve already had 3 of em bought for 13,5 each, that’s my bad lol


What about other 85s like Witsel, Diego Costa?


Thanks Chief. How about Ter Stegen for people with a higher budget? He’s one of the cheapest 89-rated cards and will also go out of packs.


Hey chief, what do u think the highest price he will rise to be?


11,5k ps4?


Thanks for the reply! What is the expected rise?

Ak Ironix

Should i try to get KDB right now or wait?


Talking about 85 rated player. Buying Sergej Milinkovic-Savic for around 9k, is that a good investment?


how much does he seel for


Zlatan is already 11.5k shall we continue to buy him at that price or is it too late?


What price do you it will rise to?


Do you expect*


Hi Chief,

I have the nicest team I’ve had yet and I don’t want to sell, although I’m a bit worried that everyone will drop massively when tots comes out…
I’m mainly concerned about Pogba, Kante and special Pavard.
Should I sell or not?



I have pogba totw 90, and van dijk totw 91, and lloris totm 91… Should i sell them too? Im a little worried about that


What profit margins are we expecting on these Ibrahimovic cards approximately? I know you can’t no for sure but what’s your estimate? Like 2-5k per card? Or more? Or less?


When is the best time to open packs that weve saved for tots? Do we open them all on the first day when community tots comes out or do we wait for all the tots’s to be released and then open them all?


Hi Chief, you said to buy back teams on EPL tots drop. What day is that? Thanks


In relation to your Rico investment last week will the price drop in then general market from TOTS negatively affect his price meaning he might drop? Or should I hold on a bit more. I bought 30 of them for around 18k each and he is 20750 now. Debating waiting until maybe he’s 23k to maximize.


I am thinking of buying an icon within 1-1.5m. Is this a right time to do so? Will there price go down after the totow release?


Will do that. Thank you chief


Hi Chief. What do you think about Alex Telles ? Cheers


Hey chief,

I just wanted to ask If you give more predictions If i will buy sub? Example for marquee matches?


Do you think I will make profit I bought 18 ibras for 12k




Hello Chief,

2 part question:
Im planning to go unassigned and mass buy cheapest 83s, fahrman mandanda horn & those low 83s required for sbcs. I have 2m and was hoping to double it by doing so. Do you believe they will go from 1k to 2k + like during most other promos. I dont mind going through the buy & sell hassle.

2nd question:i still have hubner & schwolow @ 16 &13k- i know i cant lose coins on them, but do you think they will rise even higher during sbcs or other reasons. I just dont wana sell now & they go up to 23k plus, i have about 200 cards.

Been a huge fan, keep it up