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You said on twitter that those TOTS cards discard at $19,200. Just bought one for $19,500 thinking it was a steal…….it discards at $9,760. Definitely doesn’t feel so safe now. Just a heads up

Just saw your Twitter update. Thanks. Also didn’t notice the minimum list price is $19,200. That makes me feel better about investing. Price can’t fall out.

Danny Chun

Are these good to invest in?


Should i sell my gold cr7? I’ve been using him for a while now and he’s brilliant but wondering whether I should sell while his price is higher than what it was (920k) when i bought him (950k). What’re your thoughts chief?


What do you think he’ll drop to?


Hey chief I wanted to know when is a good time to buy joao moutinho tots.


Hey Chief,
Sorry, off topic a bit, but what do you think of IF 86 Benitez? He is 35k on PC and 9K cheaper than the cheapest 86 IF.


Thx! Finding you was the best thing this fifa.


The problem I have with TOTW during these promo’s is that they are packed so much that their price won’t rise (like Jovic during the double value packs)


I should have remembered that because I made 150k profit with him xD


Hello chief,
I got TOTS Maupay and Gold De Gea and others. When should I sell them?


Thanks for your reply. If I am not gonna invest elsewhere (because I am busy this week), will they raise? and when?

Thanks again!


When should i buy tots from the efl to sell when future sbcs come out? And which one and at what price shoud i buy?


So chief you don’t think that we should go in on low priced tots cards since they could be required for sbc’s? Seems like a good risk to take since the discard tots rose like 50 k each.


Hello Chief,

What do you think about Cabella IF for 12,750?



That’s fine, by then this question is not relevant any longer


Dear Chief, Cabella has risen to 19k en he is not even out of packs. May I ask why you didn’t gave the go ahead on this investment? I invested in him anyway, are you willing to share what the best time is to sell him?


A part of the Sissoko SBC, he was by far the lowest priced French, Ligue 1 player. As I learned from you IF players with a good nation and league will always be required. Especially in times of the TOTS where there will be lots of SBC’s ( I imagined ) Dont think a crystal ball was needed for this investment.

I do thank you for the selling advice!


should i buy tots alderwield now or next week?


Hi Chief,

Zlatan, being clearly the best current TOTS card is pretty pricey at the moment, even increased from 1.6 to 1.8- would you expect him to drop back down nicely below 1.6 as the promotion goes on? I know you can’t know for sure but just trying to get an idea. He will stay in packs until the end of the whole promotion right?

Thanks mate.


Hey chief I wanted to know if I should sell Pablo hernandez tots now or wait until it rises. I also want to know if I should sell Rico inform now because his price is not rising any more.


What should I invest in for the TOTS sudoku sbc coming out later?


Sorry I meant sissoko


hi chief,
i packed rodri yesterday between 6pm and 9:10pm UK time. do you know when i get the tots version of them?


Hey Chief,
I know you always say to sell when like the profit and for lower cost cards I always sell when they rise around 3k (example: 18k 82 IF to 21K). But for benitez 86 IF I am not really sure when the profit is right. Seeing the prices of the other 86 IF cards on PC and with the potential of high rated SBCs, I would think that selling him for 39k (when bought for 35k) is kind of a waste. Do you think it is a big gamble to wait longer or should I just take the 2k profit? Thanks!


Hi cheif, when do tots cards expire ? Cz I wanna buy 89 stones and am waiting him to drop a little.. but im afraid they expire before I buy him


i just packed a Saudi league TOTS player. currently selling for around 21.5k. should i sell now or will his price likely go up?
or are there likely to be SBC that require a TOTS player?