MOTM Investment: Munas Dabbur

Player: Munas Dabbur

Reasoning: The Israeli attacker will be in packs until Friday at midnight. With a 4* WF, 4* skills, and decent stats, I think there is a good chance he rises after going out out of packs.

In addition, he is one of the cheapest 86 rated players, so that provides a basement for which he won’t fall below.

There should be ample opportunity to buy him when Community TOTS comes out tomorrow at 6pm UK time; try to get him via bid or BIN then.

Target BUY: 19k or less

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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John Flame

Hi Chief,

When would you advise the best time to buy the TOTS cards would be? Mondays after weekend league? Or will they all decrease during the BPL TOTS?

John Flame

Currently the Community TOTS cards that will release today. But if you have tips on Bundesliga and BPL TOTS cards as well, that would be great!


Hey Chief,

dont you think other 86 golds will sink in price during TOTS with tons of packs opened?

Arijan Kelmendi

Seems like a similar investment to UCL TOTT Tadic.
Made about 100k from Tadic so I’m glad that I’m one of the first to see your Dabbur MOTM post!

Keep the good work up Chief!


On PC he’s 25k. Should i buy?


Thanks. I just sniped him for 20.5k :)))


Hey Chief,

what do you think about all the 86 CL Cards under 18K. I mean, may they rise again right?



Hey chief, what other investments are good?


hey chief, i just packed skriniar should i sell or he would rise tonight due to him being one of the most cheapest 86 rated


Tried to purchase him for 19k the second you posted this, but there was none at 19k or less.

Do you think sunday after rewards and when TOTS is released today is good times to try and snipe him, or any other suggestions for times he will be available for that price? We do not ever go over the 19k, like 19250 or 19500?



Hey chief do you think its good investing in bundi players like kimmich brandt and werner since they are out of packs and the release of tots and many cards flooding the market wont affect them? They have good ratings of 86 84 82 so they will be in demand plus the bundi potm coming next week and the ongoing ribbery sbc.


would the best time to buy players be during bpl tots?


When is the BPL tots? Also, when should I sell BPL/La Liga 81-83 defenders? Thx

Ak Ironix

Will the community tots price rise once the PL tots start?

Ignatius Tan Zong Wei

Hey chief if h havnt gone liquid should i do it now?


Until when is he in packs?


He doesn’t seem to be rising yet. Will it take longer or was investing in this a mistake?


Interested to know too …


Sounds good, how long will it take do you think? Will he be out of packs forever? I am new to this, sorry.


Same reasoning for kepa 86? Under 19k?


Hi Chief,
Thanks a lot for all your advice, making a lot of coins thanks to you.
Dabbur seems to be dropping right now. Are you still confident about this investment? Do you even recommend taking advantage of the drop in price by snipping some around 16k?


Yeah same please answer chief


Should I sell Dabbur now and use proceeds to buy Mahrez instead given the better league? Thanks


hi chief, i bougt some a few days ago, but they have not risen yet, should i taka my loss or wait for them to raise


It is the cheapest 86 now what should i do sell or wait till bundesliga sbc or epl sbcs?


If i sell I will lose 100k isnt it better to wait until an sbc this week and then sell i wont invest anymore after this so i dont mind waiting


Is Dabbur a lost cause? He’s down to 15-16k now. Should we wait or sell for a loss?