TOTW 34 Investment: Ryan Fredericks

Player: Ryan Fredericks

Reasoning: While I typically don’t recommend informs that are less than 81 rated, Fredericks is a very good look for a few reasons.

First and foremost, he has a good position. Fullbacks are always solid investments, as evidenced by the fact that there are no LB informs or RB informs for less than 17k on the market (other than Fredericks, of course).

In addition, he has a good league (BPL) and nation (England) that will make him easy to incorporate into SBCs going forward.

Given all the leaks we’ve had, I anticipate we will get A LOT of SBCs in the coming weeks. It’s hard to believe Fredericks won’t be in some of the cheapest solutions (as he was already yesterday for the McGeady SBC).

Target BUY: 12.5k or less

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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He is on the list for 14k?


Same here. Been watching this one for most of the day and he has never dipped below 14k. Grrr..

Nathan Tristan


Peter Davidson

Chief, what do you think of santi mina for 25 ?? All other 85 st totws are much higher, is it too late in the season tho for him to rise considerably


Hey chief. do you think we should keep or sell zlatan


What do you think about Felipe 81 IF or Pedro Mendes 81 IF for less than 12k? Both CBs, serie a/ligue 1 with good nation. Thoughts?


What price for:
Townsed 84
Cabella 82
Felipe 81
Thanks in advance


Hi Chief,

Thanks for all the nice tips.
With the SBCs from today, I made +300K with Gold defenders 81-83 (as you advised few days ago).
When do you think I can buy them back? Thursday 10 am (fut champ reward) ? Friday 7pm (massive pack openings) ?

Peter Davidson

What a tip, i made loads too cheers cheif. Prices went through the roof when the sbcs dropped


how could u make 300k??!!


You think santi mina 85 is good investment for 26k? As he the cheapest 85 if?


and what about townsend is he good for investment?


Hey chief, I was wondering what your thoughts are about the price of the regular Messi card? Do you think his price will be lowest during BPL TOTS, or will his price go down even further during La Liga TOTS?


Thanks for the response, chief. Also, when do you think Sergio Busquets TOTS will be the cheapest? I’m guessing sometime before this Friday?

Mohamed Yasser

I bought Mario Rui and Jullien because i think they will have a TOTW card this week is this investment high risk one ?

Mohamed Yasser

I bought Mario Rui for 700

Mohamed Yasser

Okay Thanks Chief

Peter Davidson

Chief, what about pedro Mendes for 15, he is still pretty cheap but Portuguese and ligue 1 isnt bad links ??

Peter Davidson




Shall i send it now for 14k or do you think he would grow more?


Okay thanks.
Why is it only possible to be a member of your website by creditcard. You have to put on iDeal or a bank whitdrawal;)