TOTW 35 Gold Investment: Riyad Mahrez

Player: Riyad Mahrez

Reasoning: With a goal, assist, and MOTM performance in Manchester City’s title winning performance versus Brighton, Mahrez has a good shot at making TOTW 35 on Wednesday. This would force him out of packs from May 15th to May 22nd.

Currently, Mahrez is one of the cheapest 85 rated players. As I’ve mentioned on Twitter, I  high think rated players will continue to increase over the course of the next week as EA release more TOTS SBCs with high rating requirements.

In addition, the BPL TOTS is set to be released on Friday. If EA decide to have a BPL requirement for the guaranteed BPL TOTS SBCs, his price would increase nicely.

Target BUY: Less than 10k

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Wednesday, May 22nd



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so at what price on pc i should buy him then chief? and sidenote, alex telles pc is like almost extinct i just bought 2 for 13 or so, so regretting that right now


cool, thanks!


How about Lacazette for around 10K or less chief?


So why should people buy Mahrez for Sbc’s when they can get Lacazette or other 85’s for way more less? I don’t understand this.


I know that, my question was about later this week, why Mahrez’s demand would increase if people could just buy 85’s for lower cause of the massive pack openings for bpl tots?


Hey chief I packed Lucas Moura hero should I sell now or wait for price to rise.


Mahrez is 11k on ps do u think that will be a good price to invest in.

Kawhi Leonard

I can’t find any for 10k


Sorry but I can only get him for 10500


I always forget, are players Cheaper just After the weekend league or just before


If there is a bpl SBC when the tots drop, will the demand for bpl players not counteract the drop in the market from packs being opened? I was waiting until bpl tots to buy back my bpl team, or should I buy now, eg de bruyne, salah, auba, tif Anderson?


Sorry as in a bpl requirement for a guaranteed bpl tots sbc, as you mentioned


Okay fair enough, cheers


Hi Chief, off topic but do you think players from the current TOTS would be cheaper during squad battles rewards after WL or on Thursdays? Thanks


Hey chief, I have like 7 rare mega packs, when do you think would be a good time to open them? Would pack weight be lower in a TOTS with more expensive players? And when would bad pulls be a at a better price to sell?


why is the premium membership so expensive
i really want it, but it is too expensive for me


hey chief!
in which card should we invest for the potm april and who is your favourite?(mine is havertz)
greeting from austria


hey chief, when is the market gonna drop again so I can re-buy the gold cards I used from my starting 11?when do you reckon is gonna be the best time? Thanks !!


what time is that?? thanks !


just packed santi mina 85 inf. should i sell now, when he is out of packs or when he is needed voor a sbc?


Made 45% profit on this! Thanks Chief!


hey chief, would you suggest me to sell them now? hes 17.000 on pc, or do you think he would rise a little more ?