Q & A Tuesday – Week 35

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hey chief!
Seems no one buys the Zlatan gold cards for SBCs. That might be because of his nationality and league. And also there are 85 rated players with better leagues with the same price range. So him being out of packs didn’t really make people buy nor his price increase. What do you suggest/think? You still think we should keep the cards!?

Ak Ironix

same case with the dabbur card, will it rise?


Dabbur rose 5k on PC after the Rabbiot SBC came out. Seems like quite some people invested in him and started to sell him causing the price to come down. Also, the SBCs that are released were not ‘that’ great. Once a banger comes out, the cards were be more worth than you bought them (if bought for the right price). Although I must happen before Friday, otherwise I think the value will vanish before our eyes.


Hey chief do u think investing in tots cards for the sbc tomorrow will be a good idea since they are at around 22k?


Hi Chief.
Last year’s graphs show that the market absolutely tanked in the last two weeks of may, then quickly bounced back for June. But for this year most of the trading experts seem to be advising us to buy during BPL, a bit earlier than the end of May. Is the thinking that the market is going to tank earlier this year? Or not tank as much? Or both?


Sorry. I meant ‘buy our end game teams’.


Who should I invest in before tonight’s guaranteed Most Consistent TOTS


Where can I find the top buys ?


Nevermind found it


Hey chief, thanks for all the tips over the season – I’m fairly new to FUT but have made some coins thanks to your advice! My question is, is it worth investing in the cheaper Premier League players in the 84-86 range ready for the SBC tomorrow? Thanks in advance

Ak Ironix

will high rated players from PL (>87) fall more during PL tots or is this the right time to buy if i want to use them?

Ak Ironix

So u mean the normal versions of PL TOTS would become cheaper?What about players who dont qualify for TOTS(eg Pogba, KDB, kante)


Hey Chief,

does it make sense to invest in Alissons? He will get for sure a TOTS and will be out of packs for a week. At the moment he costs between 23-24k.


He is one of the cheapest 87 rated players. I thought that there is nothing to lose then.


Hey chief should we still buy Fredericks at 12.5k because its almost impossible after his price rised.
My question is do you have a new price tag for him?


Thanks much love


Hi Chief,

Is it worth it to do the sissoko SBC? Is it not more worth it to just buy the tradeable card in the market?
Thanks in advance.

Bryan C

I made elite3 this last weekend can i save my totw for tots pack next week? and if not, then what would happen to the totw premium pack if there wont be no more “totw” anymore right ?


You can save it. But its the last week of a decent totw because some big leagues finished . The risk is all your to save it for a week which might just not happen. My advise just open it. I will mine.

Joel Embiid

Is it too late for mahrez? He’s at 12k and at 11.5k open bid at MINIMUM


Should we sell mahrez on Friday or another day


Will the Dabbur card rise?


when dou you think is the best time now for selling the tots investments ? I have invested 1.3 mil in 84 rated els tots.thx for your work


Hi Chief,

Looking at upgrading my Carniball Can for his TOTS, do you see these most consistent TOTS prices decreasing over TOTS? He has dropped around 70K so far!



I have two tots rodris and a tots onana should i sell or wait


Hey Chief!

I have plenty of Sergio Rico, bought at 15.5k, should I sell them now or should I wait for the EPL SBCs to drop to load them off?

Thank you already!


Hi Chief,

Is it worth investing in cheap TOTS in case they’re needed as a requirement for SBC’s?


chief are you sure it’s worth to re-buy my gold cards on friday eve u.k time during lighting rounds?or is there a better time?


i.e gold varane, gold coman, gold kondogbia and more…I used them for a sbc lately so I don’t know when would be the best time to re-buy them all

Ak Ironix

Sorry chief but i still dont get it, for example aguero will most likely be in TOTS so i should by the norma gold aguero or during PL TOTS or after it if i wanna use him. If during tots then how will he dip if he is out of packs?