BPL Gold TOTS Investment: Ederson

Player: Ederson

Reasoning: As I’ve mentioned over the past several days, I think high rated players will rise nicely in the coming days due to the amount of desirable SBCs we have been getting.

Currently, Ederson is one of the cheapest 86 rated players.

In addition, he has a good nation (Brazil) and league (BPL), both of which will be helpful for chemistry purposes.

Ederson is also slotted to be in the BPL TOTS; this would force him out of packs from May 17th to May 24th, cutting off his supply during lightning rounds.

Lastly, there is a chance EA requires BPL players for the guaranteed BPL TOTS SBC. This would cause high rated BPL cards to rise.

Here is the SBC from last year:

Target BUY: Less than 18k.

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Friday, May 24th.



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Go Knicks

Why not Allison? Any reason why u think Emerson is better?


Hey chief! How much do you think he will rise to? 22 – 25k?

on another note, should i panic sell zlatan? He didnt rise up at all and he will be back in packs by friday right?


Thanks as always for the reply chief! 🙂 Sad that zlatan didnt push through lost coins on that one 🙁


Hi Chief,
Is firmino a good investment ? he is 86 rated and even a little bit cheaper than ederson right now ?


is there a specific time after 6pm tonight in which high rated cards will drop the lowest? thanks


also should i invest in robertson, alexander arnold and laporte who are likely to get tots?


Seeing that Wan-Bissaka is now going for 8k plus, I think that Arnold currently for 3.5 is a steal.


so do i


Hello chief! He is not under 25k on PC right now, what would you suggest?

Diogo Marto

For the PC for how much should I buy him? He’s now around 24k


Thanks Chief, threw in 600k in these guys, hopefully it pays off 🙂


What is most likely on rewards-days now, as tomorrow thursday. Will prices on the market go up due to people has money in their rewards? Or will the market get lower, if they open their packs on thursday?

I am one of them that will save my packs until friday.


Looks like the requirements are higher this year. 84 rated squad for the Most Consistent. I guess the BPL will have at least 84 but also with 1-2 informs. Not looking forward to this, I spent all my money not long ago on Desailly SBC. Could not wait really…


Should i buy it tomorrow after packs or Friday?


Really sad I missed the mahrez one now 5k a card so gonna go in for this when do you think will be the best sell time like when the prem sbc drops or when the prem tots drops?


i have him from a pack, should I buy him again and use mine for my own sbc, or should i only sell mine.


Can u check if kondogbia orange card is a good investment it’s at an all time low and there’s potential to make 100k profit on it but I wanna know ur input first


hi chief .i invested lots of 86 rated players.can i make a profit? or sell it by purchase-price?


Does alisson being in team of season make this one of the investments we may break even/lose money on?


Ederson is dropping in price from yesterday, should have bought him today instead of yesterday, Will he go up in price or just dropping?


Hello chief,
I bought many of Ederson (thanks to you), and I have set the sell price between 23-24. Only few were sold right after the Firmino SBC was announced, then nothing. Two questions:

1- in general, usually when is the price peak caused by SBC requirements ? Is it right after the announcement, or it could rise higher after few days?

2- is 23 too much for Ederson? He has good league/nation, and he fits perfectly in many SBC now. Moreover, he is out of packs.

Chief Dad

U think he’s gonna go up more?