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What price for
Iglesias 82, Didavi 83? Savanier 82?


I bought OTW batshuayi for 20k do you think his price will rise past the 27k itโ€™s currently at?

Suk Atwal

Sell target for mahrez?


Should we sell mahrez gold now or wait

Peter Davidson

Hi Chief, i have spent about 600tho on santi mina, Benitez and also fredericks and dmitrovic, they all dropped massively once the new packs dropped yesterday at 6 i got them all pretty cheap, they are still low atm. Will they rise again in a day or 2 ?? Or should i cut my losses expect id lose 50 too 100 tho . Am i just being impatient

Peter Davidson

Ok cheers also, i have been watching James tavenier. Got a few quick coins but he seems to be very over priced. Why is this


Hey chief, do you believe that cards like inform Godin and inform Modric (inform cards that will get a LaLiga TOTS) will decrease in price during LaLiga TOTS, or should I just buy these cards on Friday when BPL TOTS comes out?


I want otw mahrez buy now or wait till lighting rounds later ?