TOTW 35 Investment: Gayà

Player: Gayà

Reasoning: With a good league (La Liga), nation (Spain), and position (fullback), Gayà is as good as it gets when it comes to SBCs. Not only is he easily linkable with other players, but he is also one of the cheapest 82 rated informs.

Many TOTW 34 players rose nicely last week when required for SBCs (e.g. Fredericks). I expect similar things to happen this week with the Spanish defender.

Target BUY: 15k or less (should be manageable during lightning rounds on Friday)

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Yo chief, wanna ask you about prices:
Didavi 83
Iglesias 82
Savanier 82
Joaquin/Raul Garcia 84
They seem to be decent, what do you think?


What price for Didavi on PC? 18k?


Hi Chief. Right now it’s impossible to get him for 15k and less and I wont be available tomorrow to make the purchases. Is 16k and less still ok or should I pass on this one?


Hey chief I wanted to know why prices for gold cards such as Salah are rising


Hey chief I wanted to know if players like Salah and aguero get tots will there gold card price decrease


hi chief, after reading your last tweet about de leak, do you think we can expect a eredivisie and/or rest of the world tots?


I packed 87 rousillon should I sell him now or will his price go up


What would be his target price on pc?


What would be a good price for Koubek during lightening rounds?


Thx Chief! Have made the most coins in my 5+ yrs of FIFA thx to your tips. Much appreciated!


bought him for 12k when should i sell him?


Thanks for the answer!😂
This website is lit helped me a lot


Hi Chief, I am a PC player from the UK who sold my team about a month ago. I know to buy back on the Premier League drop tomorrow but when in the day would be cheapest. The cards drop at 3pm BST I think


1800 is when TOTS come out UK time


Hi chief, I was wondering if cards like Sergio Busquets TOTS or Ter Stegen TOTS are re-released when La Liga TOTS comes out? Also, would you happen to know when the Eredivisie TOTS will drop? Thanks!

Diogo Marto

Noob question: what are the lightning rounds?


Hey Chief, May 31. 2018 and some days before, why happened that big market crash? And is this big crash expected this year also and when?


Hey chief, do you believe I should buy players like TOTS Tagliafico and TOTS Rodri for my team today before they go out of packs, or tomorrow when BPL TOTS drops?


Thanks! What do you think about TOTS Ter Stegen?


Yo chief,
83’s like savic and glik are a good investment?


At what time are the lightning rounds?


Hey chief, in the case that Eredivisie TOTS comes out tomorrow, do you believe that tomorrow would be the best time to pick up these players for my squad since they will be released alongside BPL TOTS? Or do you think their prices could drop later on in the week?


Chief. Is it still worth doing the bronze pack trading? Or should i AIM for higher players? Ive currently snipped payet for 4k and sold him for 6.5k


What are the better metods? Im desperate haha


Hey chief,

I was wondering when would you expect gaya to rise in price.

Also thanls for the alaba and ederson investments. You got those on point.