Q & A Tuesday – Week 36

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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What do you think of Didavi IF 83? I bought around 50 for between 17k and 18k. He is the cheapest 83 IF and since TOTS SCB need TOTW I thought it will be good investment.


Assuming we are getting Bundesliga this week, what investments should we look at?

Havertz and Brandt?
Any else?

If so, is the best time to buy during rewards?


How much would you say to buy Witsel for?


Hey Chief,
what do you think about the POTY MBappe SBC? Should we invest in 86/87 rated? They are quite cheap atm.

Thanks in advance


Hey Chief,
I still want to do the EOAE Ribery SBC. It expires in 30 hours.
When do you reckon it will be the cheapest? Will it continue to rise?

Thanks in advance


Thanks for the quick reply. This seems very reasonable and I do understand why the BPL TOTS SBC would increase the prices.
What I don’t get is why the SBC price is increasing in the last 12-17 hours. Can you help me understand the market here?


Thanks. So I should do it rather quickly ๐Ÿ™‚
Thanks again for helping me understand the market.


It is because people are investing in high rated cards before. Furthermore maybe the POTY SBC from France will come out and since it’s Mbappe, the prices will rise highly.
For this reason all prices are increasing at the moment.


What about (85) paulinho getting into totw with a goal and assist ?


What is the best time to invest in premier league tots


Hey chief I wanted to know if tots premier league guarante sbc is coming today and do u think it will be worth it because I don’t want to get Maddison from it.

Mukhtar Umar

Hello I’m new to trading and stuff like this.
I just found out about investing, flipping , but I knew about sniping only.
Any tips for a beginner on flipping and investing and how to use futbin.
Thanks a load

Mukhtar Umar

Ok how about terminologies like
1. Out of pack????
And more


Hey chief, I want to buy Birthday Marcelo. Do you think his price will drop or rise during La Liga TOTS?


Thanks chief!


What are your best trading strategies? Wich player should i invest in or snipe?


Okey thx chief! For the subscriber thing i think i Will buy that when fifa 20 Comes out cause i came out kinda late on fifa 19.
But Will your tips make so i get a lot of money like millions?


Ye true! Thx chief! Do u think its to late to get millions? Maybe i Will buy bronze next month


Is it garanteed a million if i buy bronze sub?
What do u get out of it? Will i then get sniper filters and stuff like that?
What are the price range by the trading filters u are uploading


Understandable! Is it a huge benefit with the bronze pack?


This is unrelated to the FUT market, but… Regarding the subscriber perks, what does the Chief’s buy price extension do/mean exactly?


Thanks! Also, something market related: Do you think I should sell my players with some profit in the hype of the PL tots sbc or will they rise even more when it is released. Example: Brahimi (3-4k profit per), mkhitaryan (1-1.5k profit per)


Sold edersons at 25 ( I had bought them at 15 or sth) Alaba at 25000 and other hight rated goldens at similar values. Great advice chief, just made close to 1 million of profit in minutes!


Yo chief, gz for Ederson and Alaba. Could u tell me what to do with all these 81-83 bpl players from previous investment?


Sold Ederson 30 minutes ago at 23k (bought at 17k) , now it is 30k hahaha ๐Ÿ™ . At least I profited, Thank you for the advice ๐Ÿ™‚


Should i buy alaba?


Just wanna day I appreciate all the free tips you give so much and I made 550k off ederson


what like how even?!?!? what platform are u playing on?


Ps4. I put in like 1.3 million in on ederson and couldโ€™ve put more, but I got lazy, and got that much back.


Add me on ps4, iswedish-suplex


hey chief, i just made 200 k with the tots sbc and sold some 86,85, do you think the market will explode at the buli tots sbc too?


Hi Chief,

Just wondering what do you expect of totw prices for the following days… any expected sbc that would require them?
They just dropped massively after BPL TOTS SBC (i.e. Diego carlos IF went from 24k to 17-18k) , I just wonder if I should sell them for minimal profit now or wait just a bit longer…
Maybe Ligue 1 POTY Will make them rise?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hey, I’d like to buy Mahrez Hero for my team. What do you think is the best time to buy him?

Wesley Spierieus

Hi Chief,

Iโ€™m quite a beginner in investments and that kind of stuff. But if I read this it would be good to Invest in Bundesliga players, especially Alaba? Is this smart to do?
I hope I can be with fifa 20 a subscriber I only hear nice reaction about your work!