TOTW 36 Investment: Roberto Rosales

Player: Roberto Rosales

Reasoning: Historically, fullbacks are some of the best investments; we have seen that time and time again this year, particularly with 81 rated LB informs and 81 rated RB informs.

Rosales is currently one of the cheapest 81 rated informs and is very close to discard (he quick sells 9,882 coins). For these reasons, he is very low risk.

In addition, he plays in La Liga, making him easily linkable when it comes to chemistry for SBCs.

Target BUY: XBOX 10.5k or less. PS4 10.5k or less. PC Less than 12k.

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investment opportunity.



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is he coming to any sbc upcoming? wondering if he is a profitable player to invest in


thanks for the good answer! sry im kinda new what does ROI mean?

I love u chief!

Very big thank you for PC price chief! What is the price for Sanson?


What do you think about 85 firpo for 25k??


Thank you so much for putting the PC price!


Would you sell the card at 15k? How much do these cards typically increase in price?


He cannot predict the market bro

andrew m

what about petros and amrabat tots as both are cheapest 87 rated and tots for guaranteed tots sbc like Bundesliga currently around 23-24k and will be out packs very soon


What do you think about investing in Bruno Fernandes gold for TOTS Liga NOS ?


TOTS Wijnaldum still increasing in prise. I want to buy him. Do you think he decrease in 1-2 weeks?


Hi chief,
I have a lot of koubek and didavi. Do you recommand to sell before promo pack today ?


Hi Chief! I just packed TOTS Lacazette and sold him for 1.6 million, so I’ve now got a hefty amount of coins. What players should I invest in? Do you think I should go all out on IF Rosales, or wait until the next investment opportunity and jump on that?


Thanks, will do! Keep up the great work!


accidentally picked up a tots sommer for 175k and don’t wanna make a loss or much of a loss. any idea on when he’d rise? maybe for next WL or going out of packs?


Chief! If i buy silver sub Will i have to pay again in 6 days? Woulnt it last a month?


Hey chief i packed Firpo SIF hes currently 26k when to sell him and how much do you think he will cost in the future?


So do you think I should sell him now?