Q & A Tuesday – Week 37

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Jovic on amillion is good to buy? Will he rise due to coin injection on the market by packs on thursday?


Will the bundesliga guaranteed sbc likely be an 86 rated squad tomorrow?


I think will be 85 more likely.


I guess the best time to do the TOTS Goretzka SBC would be now? Prices will increase after the guaranteed TOTS SBC today and I would reckon there will be another small spike on Thursday, after everyone gets their TOTS picks and changes their team. Would you say that is accuracte?


Thanks. So your guess is also that the SBC will be cheaper now than on Thursday after rewards?


Hello Chief do you think high rated players will drop a little after Bundis sbc is gone. Making Goretzka abc cheaper?


Chief, two questions: 1 – i want to do Eusebios’ SBC somewhere in the next week or so. What would you think it would be the best time?
2 – are you expecting a crash similar to what happened last week? Bought great cards at a all time low, but the totws investment were really hurst, so i was thinking if we should sell our totws.

Pedro Guedes

La liga tots is next Friday?
Thank you



Do you believe that the market will drop a lot tonight with the SBC BULI TOTS

CR7 Goat

Whys do you think of buying 85 Benzema? Heโ€™s the cheapest 85 and will probably be out of packs this weekend for la liga tots?? If so is he safe enough to go all in???


Do you think Sergio Ramos price will rise after TOTS on Friday?

Atakan Ak

Are Chelsea and Arsenal players a good look for tonight’s match? Do you think we will get Marquee matchups?


This is my frst fifa since the 14 version, so I didnt know how thr market/sbc worked back then and I didn’t know what to expect this year, ive heard some people on twitter talking about the market and how dead it was going to be for the rest of this version , do you think is truth ? Will fifa stop to release content like POTM and cards like that or people would stop buying players because theyI already had their end game players?


Would your last tweet mean that now would be a good time to buy usable La Liga players (e.g. Birthday Marcelo) because they will rise next week?


the TOTS of the German league and the Portuguese league have a tendency to add up after they leave the packs? Sorry if you do not get it right. I’ll follow you with google translator. I am from Brasil.


Hi chief, are we in a good time to buy teams? Iโ€™m ok with waiting a bit more if not. Thanks!

Ishmam Nihal

how high is the gold french kondogbia rise?
is buying at 2k a good idea?


Hi Chief, one question. Is now a good time to buy TOTS Alex Telles? Will his price drop with Serie A TOTS (because of Alex Sandro)?


I want to do fut champs over the weekend but also want to invest for la liga tots so I thought of building a la liga team for fut champs. What players should I invest in for a la liga team who are good but will also go up a lot? Budget 620k. Thanks


Do you think cheap UCL players are a good investment with the SBC that came out today?

Jayden Hancock

Hey chief,
Sergio Ramos is about 63k on PS4. Do u think he could go back up to around 150k.