TOTW 37 Investment: De Maio

Player: De Maio

Reasoning: There has been no shortage of SBCs during this TOTS promotion, and many of them have required TOTW players. Just as our TOTW 35 and TOTW 36 investments were successful, I anticipate our TOTW 37 investment to rise as well.

De Maio has a good position (CB), nation (France), and, even more importantly, league (Serie A). Next week Friday, we should get the Serie A TOTS, and with it many SBCs that feature Serie A players in the week that follow. Just as the BPL and BuLi TOTS player SBCs often required informs from their respective leagues, I expect the same trend to follow for the Serie A.

Regardless, the French defender is one of the cheapest 82 rated informs, so there is little risk here.

Target BUY: XBOX Less than 14k. PS4 Less than 14k. PC Less than 18k.

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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should we buy him at lightning rounds cause he is at 17 k rn


when are lightning rounds coming out?


Following your tweet can we assume that the market will start to rise now?

Dennis Patrick

Would you be selling Rosales now at $15K or continuing to hold? Thanks

Dennis Patrick

Think I’ll hold.


hey Chief,
Baba under 11 k?
Is it wise?

Go Knicks

Baba if for 11k? Any other short term investments I can sell today or tomorrow?


Moreno for 1.6k is that worth the investment


Hey chief,
should we keep our tottenham and liverpool investments or sell?


keep it, the will surely be a sbc in a few days


how much do you think they will rise?


can someone please make a squad for me?
untreadebles: FB vidal, FS de jong, POTY VVD, league sbc dumfries, end of an era van persie, EL baluta, tots ndombele, tots halstenberg, tots fernandinho and tots da costa.

budget: 500K


Hi chief,
wich tots do you think wil release friday?


I can’t find him for less than 18k what do i aim to buy him at?


Is there a way to subscribe to you via twitch or is Patreon the only way to sub?