Q & A Tuesday – Week 38

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Do you think 6k is too much for Cancelo? I bought around 50 for 5k but now he has risen a bit. Should I still invest my remaining coins in him or someone else like Alex Sandro?


Hey Chief, quick question I bought a couple of FS Mendy cards a week ago, but the price has been steadily decreasing. Do you think the price will rebound? He’s still way better than TOTS LBs that have been released and way cheaper.


But wouldn’t the Future Stars card decrease if Mendy gets a TOTS and people try to sell the FS one to buy a TOTS? I can only see it increasing if he doesn’t get a TOTS, but that’s unlikely.


Hey chief, who do u rekon has a better ROI out of inform Pepe, inform Marquinhos or inform lala? Thinking about investing for Ligue 1 tots

Pedro Fernandes

Hello Chief!! Can I ask a noob question? During TOTW do players selected to that particular week does their normal gold version will be out of packs during the following week? Thank you. Keep up the good job!! Greetings

Rhys Payne

I heard that the la liga tots guaranteed sbc might be coming out today and if so is it better to sell investments tonight when the sbc is released or should I wait for Thursday when the rewards come out?

Rhys Payne

I’ve got a La Liga team which I bought as an investment consisting of : Oblak, Sergi Roberto, Alba, Godin, Umtitti, Rakatić, Aspas, Asensio, headliners Sarabia, 87 IF Ben Yeder and Suarez

Felix Müller

Hey Chief, do you think 85 Firpo has even more room to rise?

Ishmam Nihal

how much should i get gold french kondogbia for?
how much will he go for after tots ?


Hey Chief. I bought 800 Sarabias between 1100 and 2500 and sold 200 for between 6300 and 5000 last week. Keeping the rest til Thursday or Friday. Did I do good?


How did you buy 800 of one card?


I want to complete the serie a guaranteed tots but have very few 84s and 85s. When is the best buy time for those cards?


How do you feel about IF handanovic and IF pellegrini as investments?


Hi Chief,
I have Hazard TOTS. I’m not planning on investing this but play with. However, I will miss this week’s Fut Champion. Do you suggest me to sale this Friday and buy next Thursday? => Do you think Hazards TOTS price will drop more than 5%? 🙂


when is it time to sell ramos? also do u have any other good investments at the moment?


Should we sell Cancelo yet? Or do you think he could go up more?



just a couple of general questions if you don’t mind…

totw players slowly rise over time, why is this the case with 81-82 rated even when they do not seem very useful (low stats,bad league,etc)? the reason I ask is that each week, there are new and more affordable 81-82 options.

do you think that PL TOTS players like Arnold trent will continue to rise? I see him at 800k and not sure if I should buy or wait a little (no rush).

One last one, if you recommend a player to but at no less than 13k for example, but then his price inflates to 15k say, assuming he does not dip below 15k, is this still worth the investment or would we have missed the boat? Not a specific question I know but it does not need a specific answer.

Thanks for all of your time put into this page, it has helped a lot and I will definitely be subscribing for FIFA 20 launch!


Can somebody tell me how are the best cheapest Icon players prefer under 700k center back defender?

Felix Müller

blanc or moore


Hi chief
what about fss de ligt because the eredivisie TOTS will be in pack friday. maybe he will rise the same as militao?

Rhys Payne

Thinking the same thing

Pedro Fernandes

Hello again Chief! Yesterday I packed TOTS sarabia, his price was near 250K, today his price droped close to 170K. Since La Liga TOTS finish tomorrow, do you think his price will eventually go up again?? Many thanks. Appreciate it!! Greetings


Hi chief, bought IF baba for 11.5k he’s now 19.750K should I sell? I’m inclined to think he might rise further due to Ligue 1 TOTS and various SBCs during the week but it’s just a guess and is probably me being greedy. Anyway, you’d know better than me. what’s your opinion sell at 19750 or keep?


Bearing in mind I have about 80 of him in my unassigned


Any decent looks for this week? Only one I can really see is Murillo. Relatively decent league in comparison to the rest. Fullback, pacy. Should hopefully be near discard


I have got chiellini in my team and I want to buy any tots Italian cb from the serie a should I sell him now and keep the money for the tots Italian cb or sell him when serie a tots is out


Na sua opinião. De maio e baba totw 37 irão almentar mais ?