Ligue 1 TOTS Gold Investment: Mbappe

Player: Kylian Mbappe

Reasoning: On Friday, June 14th, the Ligue 1 TOTS will drop. The French winger will be part of the squad, and this will force his card out of packs for the following week.

On Friday, June 21st, the Ultimate TOTS will drop. In all likelihood, he will also be part of this team, and his card will be forced out of packs for another week.

As Mbappé is one of the more OP players in the game, I expect his card to rise nicely during this 2 week period, especially given the fact that people will be building around their Ligue 1 TOTS rewards.

Target BUY: XBOX Less than 95k. PS4 Less than 115k. PC Less than 165k.

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Friday, June 28th.



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O mbappe over 87. Pelo preço de 60.000 é um bom envestimento ?


Is his 87 card worth investing in?


when should we buy him?

Rhys Payne

When is he most likely going to drop below 115k? Currently at 120k.


Should I wait to buy high rated informs for icon sbc as they r rlly high right now. And do u think they will drop


wait till tomorrow 7 pm met


I bought 9x Koulibalys for 35k you think that he is gonna raise or I should sell him now for 38k each?


he will rise at the guaranted tots sbc tomorrow


Would fabregas at 6.8k be a good buy ? For the sbc


What do you think the target buy would be for him ?

Jan Henschel

how much do you think he will go up in price for tots?
should i sell my whole squad and just buy a bunch of this boy?


Hey Chief, when will you sell your mbappe investments? We had some good peaks over the WL. @120k I know definitly selling before he will return to packs, but What ist your Benchmark?thx


I managed to get 3 sold to 150k from buy now. But I still have 8 left.. is it too late, or is there any chance he will bounce back? He dropped substantially now, under 100k 😬


Hehe that was also just plain luck and lazy buyers 🙂 I’m just hoping for 120-125k right now. Then I will have no losses for those remaining.

Dennis Patrick

Currently at $66000. Any chance for recovery?