Q & A Tuesday – Week 39

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hey Chief!
What do you think about investing in Spanish La Liga Rare Gold RB for next weeks La Liga Upgrade?
Odriozola for under 900 for example?


My mistake.
I earned some on Odriozola last week.!

Pedro Fernandes

Hi Chief! Even if a player will be in TOTS through SBC or objectives will his normal gold version be out of packs for one week? Thank you again! Greetings


what do you think of investing in lala and pepe? only have around 150k to invest as am new to trying this


Kenny Lala and Nicolas Pepe


Sorry didn’t realise how specific you meant, their winter upgrades so 79 and 78 rated rare gold


when will this card maddness end? the market has been insane past few weeks.


The influx of so many variations of cards all around.


Been wanting to Ramos’s sbc. Do you think his price will drop?


I reckon prices are going up, high rated requirements for tonight’s SBC .noticed keep going up and up till ultimate tots has gone.


He’s up cuz of th e IF prices shot up. If we have a decent totw tomorrow, thatm might change


Cheers mate


What are we thinking for a ideal selling price for 88 Mbappe?

ishmam njhal

Will price range of joao cancelo 83 rare gold be above 10k
He s extinct atm


Chief, what do you think about TOTS NORWOOD and WALKER, they are from eng4 division but are at discard price, maybe for future SbC?


Hey chief I just packed Ziyech TOTS, should I sell or does TOTS cards go up when they are out of packs or after the 28th of June?


Hey Chief, do you think Koulibaly will rise till Friday on PC? Or should i sell him now?


Thanks for your advise. Why didn´t he rise that much through the week he was out of packs? As a fullback with a good league and nearly the cheapest of his rating…


sell tomorrow out of rewards as he’s cheap and meta


I have a ucl mbappe I’ve been using. Looking to upgrade another position. Should I sell now, or do you expect it to rise when his TOTS card is released?


Hey Chief,
81er IFs are dropping like water. I missed to sell some Rosales and Babas at 30k. Do you think they go up again a bit nearly 30k, because the actual TOTW also has only 2 81 rated Informs inside…

Thx and greets


hey chief whats best to invest in right now?
ligue one?


Hi chief, I want to buy TOTS Ibrahimovic. I’m not sure when because he might get a ROTW TOTS and be packed more so drop. But it could also have a reverse effect if ROTW offers good MLS players, as he would be more linkable he would rise. Or maybe not because everyone has icons? What is your opinion? Thanks


With ultimate tots coming out would buying three cheap Tots be smart due to them being required in guaranteed sbc


Hey Chief, do you think Rabiot Gold rare 83 (3k) and Marcelo 81 Gold rare (1.2k) Will Be good Investments for ligue 1 Upgrade sbc?


I’m looking to buy TOTS Gomez, De Paul and El Shaarawy for my team. When is the best time to buy, and what do you reckon their target buy price are?


‘Sup Chief?
Do you think they will release all the top 5 league upgrades again when ultimate ToTS comes out? I’m thinking they will and rare golds will could rise again.


Hi Chief,

I lucked out and packed a TOTS Donnaruma in my Marquee Matchups rewards. Lowest Buy now is at 139,000 do you see him rising at all or sell and invest elsewhere?


Hey Chief!
When you say “a few players I’ll have my eyes on over the weekend” Like in your last tweet, do you use any Tools or Apps to compare the prices?


I do the Squad Import on Futbin regularly so I can sell hyped cards. Do you recommend anything else regarding investment or trading? Are the Premium features worth it?