TOTW 39 Investments: Schick & Uribe

Players: Schick and Uribe

Reasoning: After being massively inflated due to lack of supply last week, 81 rated informs like Schick and Uribe have dipped in value due to the influx of high rated informs in TOTW 39.

TOTW 39 had a good amount of high rated informs because of international break. TOTW 40, on the other hand, will not have quality of TOTW 39 due to many gold players having no fixture this weekend. This will result in another lack of supply for high rated TOTW players and should cause players like Schick and Uribe to rise nicely.

Regardless, you can’t go wrong with an 81 rated inform investment that close to discard.

Look to buy during lightning rounds and rewards over the next few days.

Target BUY: XBOX 12k or less. PS4 12k or less. PC 15k or less.

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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How many would you recommend buying?

Ishmam Nihal

what do you mean by lighntning round and when they occur?


Is 87 thiago a good buy during lightning rounds, he hit 35k when Seria A sbc came out


I have already invested in 100-200 League 1 gold rares, are there other gold players that could be a good investmen


Don’t you think TOTW40 will have better quality than TOTW39 because of Copa America?
Another question, I bought many of IF Barella 84 at 25k. Do you think it will be good investment?

Thanks a lot.


I have 80k coins, How many should I buy and when should I sell them?


Been watching these guys very closely and much like the last couple tots, it is practically impossible to get them at the recommended price.




Is there a specific reason these discard informs prices have gotten so much higher?