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Hey Chief,

Do you think it is worth it to invest in for example IF Moreno or IF Grifo (29k or lower on PC). It seems much for a 81 IF, but looking at the graph, the moment the TOTW was bad, their prices went up to 40k.


Thx for the quick response!
Even at a price this high (since normaly you would want to pay 15k for a 81 IF)?


Sorry for being vague. I looked at the prices of IF gold cards 81-84. I sorted by price and found the IF Schlik as cheapest however not the best position and nation. When I looked a bit further I found Grifo and Moreno who have either a good nation or position. Their price graph show that they were around 40k during the bad TOTW38. Besides that, they were just kind of a random pick. In summary, is 27k worth it for 81 gold IF, since they seems to rise to 40k when the TOTW is bad.


Thx for the big help!


Hey chief can u plz tell me what is ultimate tots on 21 June 2019


Which inform player of week 40 should I invest in


Hello chief
If I still have 81 IF from TOTW 39 or earlier TOTWs, is it better to hold on to them or sell them and by the new 81 IF? (The new ones are slightly cheaper than the old ones). Assume the nationality and league are similar.