TOTW 40 Investment: Carlos Fernandez

Player: Carlos Fernandez

Reasoning: Inform supply as of late has been sparse. TOTW 40 has only 4 informs with a rating of 81+, just like TOTW 38. For this reason, my target-buy prices are a bit higher than they would normally be for a player like Fernandez.

What is interesting about Fernandez is how similar of an investment he is to Carles Gil from TOTW 38. They are both Spanish, 81 rated informs from average leagues.

Carles Gil was cheapest in the first day or two that he was in packs (a trend we’ve seen most of the year for SBC fodder TOTW players). Then, his price increased as TOTW supply was diminished from being submitted into SBCs. I expect something similar for Fernandez.

Target BUY: XBOX 17k or less. PS4 17k or less. PC 22k or less.

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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He has been going for over 20k since morning..and I think he will only rise because of the short supply and Ultimate TOTS tomorrow.
I took a chance and bought him for 21-23k, I still think its possible to make good profits, as he is the cheapest 81 IF right now.


I know you do. I thought it was 3-4 hours before though 🙂
Maybe you could change the TB price when you make it public, to match the going rate at that point? Just a thought.
Guess many people get confused and think they can get it here and now for that price 🙂


I agree, of course. But it was not my point 🙂 The point is that no one can get him for 17k now, so why write that price, now that everyone can see this good tip.

Anyways, thanks for your big work, chief. Much appreciated.

Pedro Baez

Totally agree, very good tips but sometimes its imposible to pick for that price since it has already skyrocketed

ishmam njhal

At what time do you post usually GMT time?
Because by the time I see the market prices are above your target buy price


Think he may drop during lightning rounds?


I thought the point of the lower tier subscription was to get access to these investments before the rest as password protected posts?


Do you think Aouar will still rise or should I just sell now? He is currently just at 315-320k.

ishmam njhal

Do you think 83 rare gold Robertson is a good investment ahead of utots?
What SBC s can I expect in utots
Will prices go down (crash) after/during utots?


Is Carlos Fernandez Going to rise, right nød he is About 19k