‘Best of Packs’ Investment: Bellerin, Grimaldo, and Hernandez

Players: Bellerin, Grimaldo, and Lucas Hernandez

Reasoning: On July 3rd, EA released the first batch of their ‘Best of Packs’ cards. The full list can be found here. They stayed in packs for two weeks from Wednesday, July 3rd until Wednesday, July 17th; their respective gold cards went out of packs during this period as well.

After analyzing nearly 200 of these gold cards, a trend can be found that gold fullbacks with ratings from 79-83 proved to boast some of the most consistent and profitable returns (see Cancelo, Vrsaljko, Meunier, Aurier, Florenzi, and Tagliafico).

On July 17th, EA will release the second batch of their ‘Best of Packs’ cards. Some of the expected promos include Carniball, Future FUT Stars, and Headliners.

If Carniball is chosen, I like Hector Bellerin as an investment.

Target BUY for Bellerin: XBOX Less than 2.5k PS4 Less than 2.5k PC Less than 3k.

If Future FUT Stars is chosen, I like Grimaldo as an investment.

Target BUY for Grimaldo: XBOX Less than 2k. PS4 Less than 2k. PC Less than 2.5k.

If Headliners is chosen, I like Lucas Hernandez as an investment.

Target BUY for Hernandez: XBOX Less than 8k. PS4 Less than 8k. PC Less than 11k.

Target SELL for Bellerin, Grimaldo, and Hernandez: Before they return to packs on Wednesday, July 31st (prediction).



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Buy now or when they announce the 2nd batch


But what if their special cards aren’t chosen in the 2nd batch ? Or do u have any leaks?


Everything is already inflated 🙁


Bellerin is almost in 4k, should we sell at this price or is expected to raise even more?