How to Make 1 Million Coins by October 7th

The launch FIFA 20 is a few short weeks away. While Xbox users used to have the early advantage of EA Access, now all consoles will be able to begin playing the game on Wednesday, September 18th with their 10 hour-trial (and unlimited use of the web app, as well).

Here is how you can make 1 million coins in the 20 days that follow from September 18th to October 7th.

0-10k (September 18th)


  • Login to the web app daily – EA give out rewards for logging into the web app every day. These rewards vary depending on how long you have played Ultimate Team; players that have been involved for more years will receive more glamorous packs and coin gifts. However, even if you just began playing FIFA this past year, make sure you login daily as small rewards of 50-100 coins can make a huge difference at the beginning of the trading season.
  • Complete Objectives – These were introduced in FIFA 18. Starter Objectives, Daily Objectives, and Weekly objectives earn you rewards such as packs, coins, and items. While many of the rewards are slim, they can make a big difference in making your first couple thousand coins.
  • Find filters that return players required for SBCs – In FIFA 18 and 19, the “One-Nation Midfield” SBC shown below was a HUGE moneymaker for me (see details in this article).

    In FIFA 20, I anticipate there to be more challenges like this. Early SBCs are one of the only ways people can get decent pack rewards at the beginning, and because of this, players who are required for them are in high demand. However, people often don’t realize the value of these players and list them for far below what they are worth. I’ll communicate later on if there are any particular SBCs or filters which deem profitable.

10k-50k (September 19th-20th)


  • Continue grinding profitable filters – It is essential to be trading religiously in the first 20 days following the web app release in order to get to 1,000,000 coins by October 7th. Target profiting at least 10k per hour when trading. If finding filters for SBCs proves unsuccessful, attempt trading silvers from popular leagues (Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, or Premier League) by either sniping or bidding on them. Utilize your full transfer list when doing so to maximize your profits.
  • Attempt trading cheap TOTW 1 cards – Now that we have established a decent coin base, we can attempt to trade more expensive players. This is advantageous because there is less competition for these cards i.e. less people have the capital available to buy them. Try filtering Special – 15,000 coins max buy it now and see if you can get some deals on TOTW 1 players in the 59th minute.
  • Monitor OTW gold card prices – Investing in these players was one of the best early investment options in FIFA 19.
    PlayerSeptember 28th PriceOctober 8th Price% Change
    Fedor Smolov1,1427,383+546%
    Salif Sane1,4184,743+234%
    Joao Cancelo15,51331,007+100%
    Moussa Dembele1,1912,300+93%
    Sime Vrsaljko4,9579,423+90%
    Alexandr Goilovin1,3912,644+90%
    Gonzalo Higuain44,64783,080+86%
    Alex Witsel6,15311,373+85%
    Felipe Anderson18,24332,815+80%
    Radja Nainggolan119,977190,380+59%
    Naby Keita6,2479,916+59%
    Thomas Lemar17,98928,674+59%
    Quincy Promes35,99653,284+48%
    Cristiano Ronaldo1,688,2452,143,413+27%
    Leon Goretzka46,69855,669+19%
    Riyad Mahrez51,56150,120-3%
    I expect more of the same for FIFA 20. Stay active on the website or socials to see who my favorite looks are when the time comes.

50k-200k (September 21st-23rd)


  • Continue grinding profitable filters – See above.
  • Attempt trading cheap TOTW 1 cards –  See above.
  • Buy OTW gold players – We cannot be sure which players will make the Ones to Watch squad and which will not. For that reason, it is a good idea to spread out your investments. I recommend picking up at least one of each of these players and tossing them in your club. That way, they will not take up valuable transfer list space that could be used for trading.
  • Buy TOTW 2 gold players – For the same reason that OTW gold cards are so profitable, so too are TOTW 2 gold cards. When a player gets an inform, their gold card is forced out of packs, cutting off their supply and often increasing their price. Take a look at these TOTW 2 gold card examples from FIFA 19.
    PlayerSeptember 26th PriceOctober 2nd Price% Change
    Shoya Nakajima8004,000+400%
    Kenny Lala5382,286+325%
    Ron-Robert Zieler5261,218+132%
    Joel Matip1,3793,176+130%
    Miralem Sulejmani6481,426+120%
    Lucas Leiva2,2254,179+112%
    Vedad Ibisevic477934+96%
    Lucas Hernandez12,68924,778+95%
    Rodrigo De Paul517927+79%
    Ilkay Gundogan8,25314,264+73%
    Thomas Meunier7,71112,958+68%
    Petr Cech1,4282,314+62%
    Bertrand Traore8461,245+47%
    Lorenzo Insigne52,60373,118+39%
    Ahmed Musa727964+33%
    Ben Yedder5,6154,927-12%
    Anderson Talisca4,0493,223-20%
    After the matchday for the weekend of September 21st-23rd, we will get an idea of who will make the TOTW 2. Pay attention to games on that Friday-Sunday to get in early before other investors. Just like OTW, it is hard to determine who exactly will make the TOTW 2 squad; diversify your gold investments to cover your bases and free up TL space.

200k-500k (September 24th-26th)


  • Continue grinding profitable filters – See above.
  • Attempt trading cheap TOTW 1/2 cards –  See above.
  • Buy unexpected TOTW 2 golds (Sept. 25th when TOTW drops) – We cannot be sure who will be in the TOTW squad when it comes out at 3PM UK time on September 25th. However, when it does drop grab any gold cards of players that weren’t expected to make the squad. These players will be less likely to have inflated from investors and, as the table above shows, are a safe bet to rise over the 7 days that they are out of packs.
  • Refer back to this website – From FIFA to FIFA, much of what works in the early days is the same. We sell the items in the catalogue, activate coin boosts, and invest in TOTW 2/OTW gold players.From year to year, though, some players stand out as better/surer investments than others. In FIFA 19, that was Joao Cancelo (see % change in table above).There were a few reasons for this:
    1. He was in TOTW 1, meaning he was out of packs for the first week of the game (September 19th-26th).
    2. He had a high chance of making it in the OTW squad, meaning he would go out of packs again from September 28th-October 8th (only in packs for 2 days from 26th-28th).
    3. He was a fullback, a position that historically rises more than any others when going out of packs.Cancelo was a lock due to the circumstances that happened in the week leading up to the full release. We can’t be sure who the lock for FIFA 20 will be this far out. Refer back here from Tuesday, September 24th to Thursday, September 26th to see who my favorite look(s) are.

500k-1,000,000 (September 27th-October 7th)


  • Continue grinding profitable filters – See above.
  • Attempt trading cheap TOTW 2 cards –  See above.
  • Buy unexpected OTW golds (Sept. 27th when OTW drops) – We cannot be sure who will be in the OTW squad when it comes out at 6PM UK time on September 27th. However, when it does drop grab any gold cards of players that weren’t expected to make the squad. These players will be less likely to have inflated from investors and, as the table above shows, are a safe bet to rise over the 10 days that they are out of packs.
  • Sell TOTW2/OTW gold cards – Historically, OOP (out of packs) investments tend to be the highest in the last day or two before they return to packs. I would wait to sell until TOTW 2 gold cards until around October 1st and OTW gold cards around October 6th.



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Thanks Chief !
What would you do in UT with the 10 Play hours ?
Obviously utilize the Coinboosts but is there a Special way which is best? Like going for objectives or maybe just grinding Squad Battles ?
Best regards !


Hi Chief,
To start trading from the 18th in the web app I would need to have EA access correct? If I don’t I wouldn’t be able to create my FUT team and therefore the web app would not work?

I will have only the special edition early access… Will only be able to start anything on the 24th… Correct?



Can you send me a link of your free discord server?


Hey chief! Hope your well,

i had a good season which was made more enjoyable following your advice and first time playing the ultimate league…

I ended up with a team im more then impressed by with a record of 500wins 38draws and 228loss.

Over all i had a blast and you certainly played a massive part in my fifa 19 achievement as such!

I look forwards to fifa 20 and trading hard..

i feel for you when certain predictions dont pan out but im greatfull with the info provided theres always other options if we are clever enough to get the jist of your reasoning!

1LOVE Chief!


Thank you Chief. I have one question: “now all consoles will be able to begin playing the game on Wednesday, September 18th with their 10 hour-trial (and unlimited use of the web app, as well)”. The “unlimited use of the web app” part; is it 100% confirmed that web app access comes with acquisition of early access? I thought this process was largely randomized and innately only loyal veterans got the web app unlocked.

Really appreciate it if you could answer this. Thank you again.


What do I need in order to get access to the web app on September 18th?


Yo chief, Managed to round up about 25k in coins the first day. I did the SBC The Final Four and Give me Five. Im thinking of buying Lukaku as he is selling for 21k but his max buy is 400k. similar to nainggolan seeling for 15k max buy is 280k……what do you recommend doiing from here.


Hi Chief
I’ve spend all my profit on silver players from popular leagues and popular clubs. Many silver players are only 200 coins right now and the big question is when to sell and at what price? Should i be okay with 1000 coins or should i aim for higher? Or maybe it is simply impossible to say in general and will depend on the demand from the SBC’s?
Thanks !

Travis O
Travis O

Hey Chief, You have a great website here I and really appreciate a lot of the free tips and advice you give to the point that I’m considering buying a membership. Anyways, I have a few questions: 1. I’ve spent most of my time on Squad battles so far, is it worth playing/trying to qualify for a division in Division rivals? Or will that take up too much time and do you have to start over once you’ve played the 5 qualifier games? 2. My biggest question is about trading: I have about $8K coins right now and around 90 items (80 of them players that range in overall ranking from about 74-84, not to mention another 25 or so bronze and 15 or so Silver players stored in my club. I probably have around 10 players ranked 80+ sitting on my transfer list. My question is: When is the best time to sell them and should I just sell the lower rated ones or all of them up to the 80s and above? If not, when would be the best time to sell each player or group of 75s,76s, etc. I want to get to at least $20K to… Read more »

Harley wildman
Harley wildman

Hi I packed Gerrard 89 last night, I was wondering wether to sell now or wait ?

Travis O
Travis O

Hey Chief, I bought Trent Alexander-Arold for $30K, right now he’s only around $31,750. I was wondering what would be a good price (you guess on what he’ll get to) that I should then sell him or if not a price then what would be a good time period to sell him?


hi there chief, what is the best time in the 24 hour day to buy players to then sell in that same time frame?????

if possible could you answer via email it would be appreciated… thanks buddy// this question is with regard to fifa 20


Would you invest in gold Kolarov now at around 3.5k or do you think hes a little too expensive?


Hey Chief,

I bought about 5 Trent Alexander Arnolds for 30k. When would you recommend selling for maximum profit?

Thanks mate