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Hey Chief, I continued my gold subscription and didn’t cancel it so I could make sure I had it for FIFA 20. Took some time off from FIFA 19 and noticed I’m not in the discord anymore. Did something happen with my subscription?


Hi chief, same than Jared below. Could you please assist? I just added you as friend on Discord.


Hi. Whatโ€™s going to be more profitable, taking one of you subscriptions and trading a couple of hours a day, or taking the same money and buying fifa points and trading the same amount of time using public available strategies? I donโ€™t mean this to be snarky. Iโ€™m just wondering, if the benefit to spending my money with you vs EA is more about profit, of the principle and fun of not buying points? Thanks!


Iโ€™m on the bronze tier through Patreon and have also been kicked from the discord server. Can I be put back please


love your new videos chief! turning up the volume would be beneficial though! thx!

Ankush Rawat

HI Chief,

Can I take the subscription for gold for fifa 20 now?