Changes to EA Catalogue

  • For FIFA 20, there will no longer be redeemable Ultimate Team rewards in the EA catalogue (coins boosts, transfer list/target increases, badges, kits, etc.)
  • Rewards are now redeemable by gaining experience in “Seasons”
  • Experience is gained by playing matches, completing objectives/milestones, and submitting SBCs
  • The default transfer list size is now 100

Investor/Trader Implications

Taking advantage of the EA catalogue has been the optimal way to grind early coins for a several years. Using coins boosts and selling badges/kits was a great way to accumulate the first 5-10k (especially if you had a veteran account that unlocked all rewards).

Now that this is no longer an option, it will be interesting to see what the best use of our time is in those first few hours after release. Will grinding season experience to grab those coins boosts be the most beneficial? Will new filters arise that offer good snipes due to the new system?

Whatever is the case, one thing is for sure: this levels the playing field for accounts regardless of FIFA experience. Long-time players will no longer have a leg-up on rookie players when it comes to Transfer List size, coins boosts, and other related FUT items.



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Norocel Salbaticul

Thats nasty news :-(