Best Players to Snipe

While many people focus on a broad ranging filter when sniping, it can be equally – and often times more – profitable to target an individual player. The trick is choosing the right card.

When sniping individual players, focus on low rated, highly valuable gold cards.

These cards are the most rewarding for a couple reasons.

First and foremost, because they are low rated, these cards are packed more than others. We know this because EA has released the pack odds in regards to the chances of receiving cards of certain ratings.

The other reason why highly valuable (more expensive) cards are better to snipe than others is because the coins/card returns are better.

Say you are sniping Alex Witsel. He goes for 1.5k. You set your filter for 1.2k, and each time you get a successful snipe you earn around 200 coins at least, 700 coins at best.

Alternatively, say you are sniping Antonio Valencia. He goes for 40k. You set your filter for 37k. While Witsel was getting you 200-700 coins/card, Valencia earns you 1,000-37,000 coins/card. And because they have the same rating of 82, Valencia will pop up just as often as Witsel.

Here are the most expensive 75-83 rated players.

These are the players you should be targeting during rewards and promotions. Happy sniping!



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why 81 rate included in list ?

Andreas Metzger

Should we do SBC´s now or when the game is out?